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Car audio upgrade.
Hi fellow bling-o owners.
Im looking at upgrading the audio in my 2014 berlingo enterprise.
This model has the USB fitment inbuilt under the factory stereo so my questions are:

Removal of head unit will be easy and assumption being it is single din so no fascia panel required... Right?
What happens with the USB unit underneath? Of course it would not be applicable but is it as simple as disconnect and leave dormant?
I have spoke to a couple of audio chaise and they seem pretty convinced that Alpine or Carillon are the options that tick boxes for me as I want to keep the dash display as factory as possible i:e clock etc... Is this correct or can other units provide same potential?
Sorry for all the Q's and look forward to any help.
the display stays the same except it wont display the radio station, you will keep the clock but wont be able to change the time as that's done through original head unit
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
(03-06-2015, 04:47 PM)finny Wrote:  the display stays the same except it wont display the radio station, you will keep the clock but wont be able to change the time as that's done through original head unit

Thanks for your input finny. Assuming by this any head unit will suffice then?
Have you changed yours?
If so, Did yours have the USB under the unit and how did you get by that?
Scottbt.. Look for an adaptation cable kit from connect2. Unsure about your vehicle but your new head unit (source unit) depending on your choose should have a usb.
I have a 2010 Peugeot partner which I have a kenwood double din in place now. My central display still can be adjusted all settings are still with the stalk..
Have a search in one of my posts..I have used two adaptor harnesses... An original to ISO & ISO to kenwood with the black box in the middle ..
Good luck

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I didn't have usb under head unit, sounds like ive got similar set up to what haulrs has, connect2 cables and double din kenwood.
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Thanks both.
The unit I have is single din with cubby hole thing underneath but offset to right side is a aux in / USB.
Im not at all fussed about it being removed but don't want to start causing any issues with any odd ball cable shenaningans so to speak.
Im usually pretty switched on with audio stuff seeing as I had a couple of cars with amps, subs all speakers changed etc but these newer vehicles with the steering wheel fitments and usb / iPod connections start boggling my little brain lol.

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