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Michelin CrossClimate - anyone fitted these to a Berlingo?
Hi everyone,

My 2009 Berlingo has just made 100,000 Km. The first 60,000 or so were made with the factory fitted tyres (Michelin EnergySaver 205/65 R15).

When I changed the first set of tyres, the guy at the tyre shop didn't have the same model and measure. And I did a terrible mistake: I opted for BF Goodrich G-Grip tyres with 195/65 R15 dimensions (after all, BF Goodrich is a Michelin company from sometime now!).

These tyres are really, really bad. I mean: dangerously bad, especially in wet tarmac.

So, around 40,000 Km later and anticipating a tyre change at the end of this Summer, I’m searching for options.

A couple of things I already know:
1. I will return to Michelin (or at least, will get away from BF Goodrich)
2. I will change my current 15’’ wheels for 16’’ in order to mount 215/55 R16 tyres (the homologation of this particular Berlingo in Portugal only allows mounting two wheel sizes (15’’ and 16’’) and 3 tyre dimensions (195/65 and 201/65 on 15’’ and 215/55 on 16’’).

So, now the question boils to know what kind of Michelins (or other brand) to mount.

I was set on opting for the new Primacy3 instead of the EnergySaver ones, but now I found that Michelin has a new model, the CrossClimate (, which supposedly are the first ever tyres to be as good in Winter as in Summer (they can even be used in countries were Winter tyres – in Winter – are mandatory).

Because I had such terrible experience with the BF Godrich tyres, I’m really interest with rubber with good wet grip.

My question to you guys: anyone has already had experience with these new Michelins? If not, what other tyres (brands, models) do you had a good experience with and would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

= = =
2009 Black MultiSpace HDi 110 FAP
Falken 192 are good tyre's in the wet and dry weather at fair price in the UK i don't know if you can get them in Portugal
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Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it!

= = =
2009 Black MultiSpace HDi 110 FAP
I will be very interested in the replies you get here aemarques, as I'm toying with the idea of fitting CrossClimate tyres to my van when the factory Michelin Energy savers are worn out. The hype says that they are not only a very safe "all season" tyre, but run very quietly as well. I find my current Michelins VERY noisy, but a little quieter, now that they are fiited to my alloy, rather than my steel, wheels.
I run Good Year Ultragrip Performance tyres and have to say I have a great deal of confidence in them.

I do a reasonable amount of driving up in Wales and other MTB type areas (hilly & muddy & wet) and they never miss a beat.

Plus they've been on for 12 months and still look like new and have loads of tread (I do about 20,000 miles per year).

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