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[Engine] EGR Valve
Hi Folks

I've got a 51 plate 1.9 dw8 model with a dodgy EGR valve. Driving home tonight the pipe from the solenoid to the vacuum broke off at the vacuum elbow causing rough running. I managed to fix it but the engine now hunts with the vacuum diaphragm working up then down constantly. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance Smile
Hello jbhleopard welcome to the forum you could block the end's of the vacuum pipe'off stop the egr working or put a blacking plate in front of the egr you should not have any problem's with the egr
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Thank you for your advice.

I shall give it a go, just one thing - how do I blank off the egr end?

Thanks again

[Image: 9ca10193a3e85a522d2ef5725889627e.jpg]
Well egr valve removed, soaked in a bucket of paraffin and came up like new. Then it was refitted and blanked off. Much better Smile

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WOW full of shxx nice to see it sorted Smile did you bye a blanking plate or make one ??
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I made one mate, just sandwich it between the exhaust downpipe and egr pipe Smile

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im new to berlingos having had transit mk5 minibus alas until recently the blacking off was the same as what you have done but you tied the butterfly open on the intake manafold have search all forums relating to the dm8 engine and they talk of putting a bolt into a vacume pipe its this related to dm8 or hdi engines
Hi Jimmy,
        its the dw8 engine you mean and yes you're better with some way to keep the flap open as the vacuum opens it and then block off the vacuum  pipe. Not sure if it applies to the 1.6 and 2. hdi engines.

 No vacuum = flap shut.
Hi Jimmy, the bolt has to go in the vacuum feed to the butterfly before the egr valve otherwise your throttle air will be cut off! Yes the blanking plate works fine Smile

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[+] 1 user says Thank You to jbhleopard for this post
thanks for that information

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