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Turbo trouble - Dont want to be ripped off by garage!
Hello folks,

Yes I am new here but have had lovely help from the vintage tranist van forum and so have high hopes I will find wonderful help here too.

I have a 2004 Berlingo HDi multispace. It drove fine from Edinburgh to Glasgow but on the return it lacked power. I think it is due to the turbo not kicking in and I dont know why.

What I a keen to know is:

Is it likely the turbo just stopped working? (there are no lights on the dash board and no other weird noises)
Are there other things to check before taking it to the garage? (I have changed the fuel filter but its not improved it)
What should a new/reconditioned turbo cost to fit? (So they cant rip me off cause I a a girl)
Any other ideas on what it could be?

Thanks for checking out this question

Ailsa Heart
Hello Ailsa welcome to the forum good to have you with us there could be lot's of thing with out more info could be boost pressure leak blocked air filter how does it start ok is there blue or black smoke does it tick over ok or ruff on idle ??
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Its weird, there are no other symptoms. No smoke, runs fine, sits fine on the idle. It just has no power when the turbo would kick in. Starts just as normal, which granted is it turns over a few times but does always start (chug, chug, BROOM would be my best impression). I am a really new driver but been around motors so do know what to listen for etc and for the first bit of the drive home (about 40 miles) I thought it was just something about my driving but I soon realised when on the motorway that even with my foot to the floor I wasn't making 70mph unless going downhill.
look at your oil level if to low and smoke turbo is toast and further driving will ruing your engine, if you don't now yourself let at least a mechanic look at it Dan you at least now what is happening.
Cheers, I will check the oil that's is no bother. Any recommendations of oil? I have been reading all afternoon about possible causes and time and again things are saying to use a good quality oil but other than the argument of synthetic vs non synthetic, any advice?
This is the stuff

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