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unknown sockets
Hi im new in forum but not so new with Berii.
i have one questions i found 3 unknown socket as i open my fuse panel
is anyone to help me?
im looking over web but nothing

my Berlingo 1.9D 2003 Van

i can provide numbers on wires . Please help i can't sleep is making me so annoying


and second issue

my van is running perfect .
as is cold have juice with acce. but when he get to temp. 85-90 deg. is starting loosing that juice like something, stock on him
and when cools down i go back to live again, going like crazy.

please help

and sorry for my ENG. in written.
Hi Dawid,            
              Welcome to the forum.

 Reading between the lines I think your trying to say that your berlingo 1.9d runs ok when cold but not when hot. (85-90c) ?. Huh

 Is it going into limp mode ?

 Fuel filters would be the first to check/change.  
Check that there are no wires off the temperature sensor nor off the air mass sensor. They measure the temperature of the air and coolant and tell the ECU how much fuel the engine needs.  

There is a sensor on the crankshaft which if loose or faulty can give problems  
The fuel injection pump timing may be out when hot . The timing is adjusted automatically by the ECU.

  A code reader would be a help and give a clue about your problem.

OR are you having problems with your A/C ?

Cant help with the relay sockets , they will be for equipment that you don't have fitted.
Hi Thx for reply, iv check van with mech. no fault code, iv check maf filter was dirty inside and as i touch with paper to clean. one pice of metal just brake off. i hope this was problem, this MAF is with temp sensor.

already order new one i will fit it and give reply.

egr clean it was full messy inside and lots of oil residue very dirty. iv order thermostat in-case and new temp sensor.
air filter done
fuel filter done
EGR done
temp sensor waiting for fitting
thermostat waiting for fitting
MAF waiting for fitting

will check that and will give a full det. on this. i hope it will help someone a swell.

and limp mode how i can check.

no sign of stop light as im driving, no engine light on as driving.
no black smoke from the back no smoke at all

the blue socket is for dashboard clock. in better version.

and my van don't have A/C
Problem solved. Low speed on fan not working the sensor fault,
Maf and temp swich change . All good
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Big Grin 
(03-07-2015, 12:24 AM)Dawid Benazi Wrote:  Problem solved.  Low speed on fan not working the sensor fault,
Maf and temp swich change . All good
Good work.Let's hope your problems are over.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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