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Theft! with strange circumstances
Hi all, i am currently in Spain (Cadiz region).
Someone managed to break into my berlingo with no signs of forced entry.
I remember locking the car, on our return when unlocking the car no noise was made by the locks and the indicators flashed rapidly for a while. The red led on the right of the steering wheel was also flashing rapidly indicating the alarm was triggered.
The glove box was left open, centre console was also open. They managed to steal 100 euro from my girlfriends purse and we found the purse on the front tyre with the cards still in it only cash missing.
My question is, is there any way possible of unlocking it without using the key? have checked all the doors seem aligned etc so they did not bend them back. 
There is some form of remote lock gadget that can over ride door locks but I think they are quite scarce. Did you double lock the doors when you left the car?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Normally i do deadlock but i don't think i did on this occasion. I read on some forums they hide in the trees nearby and use a grabber device and advise locking the car with the key. If i do this then the alarm is not activated not that it did much good anyway. They also mention they operate on motorbikes hence only grabbing cash, they must have been quick as they missed 10 euro in the front (useless) storage holes. We had some expensive kite kit in the back they left and also various other stuff worth a bit.
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From having read the above entries I am a bit confused. It locking the car with the fob button different that locking it with the key??? I'd think they'd be the same.
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With a Mk 3 pressing the fob button twice deadlocks the doors. you hear a double click as it engages. I don't recall this happening on my Mk2 BICBW.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Unless I'm missing something, I don't see that deadlocking would make any difference if the car was opened electronically. If someone is transmitting a valid code to unlock it then the means of locking is irrelevant.

However, all modern car remotes use rotating codes. Recording the code used and replaying it would not have any effect at all. This would only work if the dodgy device somehow knew the next code in the sequence. It's possible that the sequences have been hacked, but that would be a very very big deal if it happened - it would mean that thieves could walk into almost every car in the world, and I'm sure it would have been on the news.

Personally, I think that they didn't do anything electronic, and used a device that opens the lock mechanically. There are devices that slide in between the window glass and rubber seal and pull the lock open from inside the door. They're a very thin metal strip. These are used by the breakdown companies and locksmiths if you lose your keys, and they leave no marks at all.

Assuming that this happened then it would be much harder if it had been deadlocked. I don't think it would be impossible though - presumably there are ways of getting into a deadlocked car. I don't think cars just get scrapped if the owner deadlocks it then loses their keys!
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[+] 1 user says Thank You to doofer for this post
I always believed that the remote control works by "Ultrasound" and not by radio waves? Can anybody confrim this one way or another? I always press the lock button on the remote umpteen times when leaving my van. I had the quarter light smashed when the van was only a week old, but they couldn't get in and nick anything because of the deadlocks.
I'm pretty sure they're all radio these days.
Hi, I had mine broken into a couple of days ago in the same manor. We have 2 citroens, woke up and both cars had doors open and had been ransacked. Both were deadlocked but as you say feels like someone used the door lock. A ds3 in the road was also done so definitely some kind of tool going around that will allow entry to citroens

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