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Servicing Price plan . . .
I`ve been offered £200 off a four year plan on my year old "new" Multispace.  Dd of course.  Anybody any experience of these plans, because on doin` the maths, things don`t add up from my point of view.  Serrvicing charges were given per year, and other stuff, MOT etc which is included.

Total cost was over a grand, minus discount.
Never having had a Service Plan I don't know about them if worthwhile or not .

But , what it will cost over 4 years on a year old Multispace without a service plan. Does it include recovery ?. Does it pay for everything that can go wrong.

The first 2 years of it will be under warranty so the costs will depend on your mileage per year. A couple of gallons of oil and 2 two filters per year, you will   still  have to pay for worn brake pads, tyres, wiper blades, etc, things that wear under normal use.

 and you wont need a MOT until its over 3 years old. I think that the bulk of the costs will be for labour. 

What if the dealer shuts or goes bust and if you still have the same vehicle, is it transferrable?

  Then for peace of mind,  the servicing  costs should be covered for the next 4 years will be comforting

 Having looked up some plans I don't think they are worth it , mainly because I do my own servicing.  When you read the service schedule in the handbooks there is very little to do in the first 3/4 years, depending on your mileage.
I think I'm right in saying that Carcraft's customers with a service plan were left with no service plan AND still have to pay for it, as the money is loaned by a finance company, and the whole lot for x years' servicing was paid to Carcraft on day one. So the money's gone, but they still have to pay the repayments on it. Nice - almost like they planned the whole thing.

The Citroen dealer where I bought my new new one showed me the figures, I said it wasn't worth it, and he agreed. I don't know if this is the same plan as used ones though.
I'm not going to bother,  I'll pay as  I go.  Then, if I forget,  I don't pay!  Simples. . .  Smile

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