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led lights in front bumper?
Hi all,
I bought a 2012 model berlingo front end damaged.
I got a replacement front bumper off a 2014 model.
The replacement bumper is slightly different to the old one in that it has led strip lights on each side of it
I need to wire this into the wiring loom some how, but not sure what these lights are for... side lights, fog lights, head lights???
Can anyone tell me what these are for?
Some countries (Switzerland is one) have laws that state you must drive with lights on during the day as a safety measure. Most new cars now have these LED strips in the bumper to comply with such laws. Not sure how you would hook then up though.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Have a read of this

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I've got them on mine. They're on when the headlights aren't on. They're very good from a safety perspective, but I know some people find them annoying in their mirror. I don't know how you'd retrofit them though.
Hi guys and thanks for your replies...
Not sure whats best to do with these lights now...
I would have wired them into the fog lights probably, but not sure if by doing so it would be completely legal?
And as far as having them on all the time during daylight it would be problematic to say the least wiring them up?
Any suggestions would be appreciated...
You should be able to sort it by powering them from the ignition via a "normally closed" relay, driven by the power to the sidelights, so this would cut the supply to your DRLs when the lights are on.

You could also do it a dodgy way by wiring them from 12V to the sidelight supply, effectively using its dead supply as a floating earth. But this could cause problems, as this would allow some current to flow through the headlights, so they may remain partly on all the time, plus your DRLs may then not be at full brightness.
I thought they were a nice feature to have.. but didnt realise the hassle... I will probably just blank them off with black tape or spray them in silver
Thanks for all your imput everyone...
I reckon the latest model doesnt have em any more. Why not just leave them unlit, as they are? Still look nice. . .
I've just ordered a new Berlingo & according to the spec DTR's are only fitted to the new XTR.I thought they were mandatory on new cars.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Most of them are too bright even in the daylight and dazzle terribly

Wish we could go back to common sense - if the daylight is diminishing, TURN YOUR SIDELIGHTS OR DIP BEAM ON - jeeeeez
Nanny State rules again!!

One safety issue with them is that when their on, they are the only lights that are on - most people don't realise that the rear light are not on and they drive with only the DRL's on at dusk or dawn or when there is poor daylight - surely this is a serious safety concern

People oddly think they are 'cool' to have them for some reason - can't see why myself

As they have to be fitted now by Law - what does the Law say if one or two of the LED's fail - will that be an MOT failure?????
To replace them from a dealer would probably cost an arm and a leg

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