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Wishbone bolts
HI All,
I've had to replace my wishbones on my 2003 1.9D multispace unfortunately rust and  rough removal has rendered several of the nuts and bolts  unusable ,where is the best place to source these or do I have to go to a main dealer,also do the bolts need to be high tensile steel.
Regards Les.
I recently replaced my wishbone arm and the ball joint pinch bolt was shot. A new bolt and nut from Citroen dealer was only £3. Give them a try first as you may find prices for these sort of items reasonable.
Unfortunatly the pinch bolt is the least of my problems.The front bush bolt screws into what looks like a bloody stupid  spring loaded plate with a captured nut inside the end of the chassis rail accessed by a narrow slot in the chassis.While unscrewing the bolt the captive nut broke from the plate and the bolt spun but wouldn't unscrew any more. Angry I had to resort to grinding the bolt head off and hammering the rest of the bolt and the plate into the chassis rail using a metal rod. 
The image shows where the captured nut slots into the end of the chassis rain.

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Went to the Citreon dealers in Seafield Edinburgh and ordered all the bolts and nuts I need for a reasonable £15.It was a good experience,with friendly KNOWLEDGEABLE staff.
Jonnie is right about the prices, I once replaced the little bulbs in the clock/radio display and Citroen were cheaper than similar bulbs in Halfords.
One reason I normally dont like the main dealerships is in the past  (mainly Fiat and Ford) if the parts dept is in the showroom the staff can be quite snooty. Angry
Glad you got sorted. Usually dealers is a last resort for buying most parts but always worth enquiring about daft little bits. I know exactly what you mean about snooty showroom staff although it is funny to see their faces when you walk in covered in muck and oil to spend 3 quid on a bolt. How very common Smile
(10-08-2015, 07:30 PM)jonnie100 Wrote:  I know exactly what you mean about snooty showroom staff ............ see their faces when you walk in covered in muck and oil to spend 3 quid on a bolt. How very common Smile

My dealership virtually refuses to serve me when I go there all greased up but this a red rag to a bull for me and they get it back ten fold and to hell with the impact on their " posh customers " - I tell it as it is and on one occasion they even lost a new car sale as a consequence !!!

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