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Urgent help please. Van gone to pot
I have a 2003 1.8? Diesel

It was working, but then I removed an old nokia handsfree kit. 
When I put the ignition on, the wipers start moving slowly and juddering. There's no ignition lights and lots of relays clicking.
Nothing happens when i try to start it. 
I checked all the fuses and found F22 was blown, so replaced it.
I tried the bsi reset procedure, but there's no button on my keyfob, so might not be able to do it properly

With the ignition off, stuff seems to work (central locking, hazards, etc all ok)
I have a blue plug not connected to anything (see photo) - does that belong somewhere?

Can someone please tell me whats going on as I need this for tomorrow

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Fire bad, tree pretty
Make sure you haven't pulled any plugs behind the comm2000. (or anywhere else)
Did you disconnect the battery to remove the kit? Did you use the correct method? (3 minute rule)
The only plug i can see thats not connected is the one I took a photo of.
I didn't disconnect the battery to remove the handsfree kit.
Whats the 3 minute rule?
Fire bad, tree pretty
3 minute rule is- take key out of ign, shut the doors open the bonnet and wait 3 mins for the BSI to go to sleep before disconnecting battery.
Where did you take the green plug from? It looks like one from the back of the BSI.
It's a blue plug. The wire for the handsfree kit was cable tied to it. I may have pulled it while i was working

Doing the reset procedure again now with a stopwatch to count the 3 mins
Fire bad, tree pretty
The reset procedure hasn't worked.

The blue plug has these wires going into it:
Yellow, brown, blue, green/yellow and several white wires. One of the white wires has the number 951 on it.
Fire bad, tree pretty
Oh and another thing.. the cd player makes strange noises (like it's trying to turn on), and the top display sometimes shows "ECO-MOD" whatever that means?
Fire bad, tree pretty
Dont worry about eco mode. That will go when the engine starts.

Can you drop the BSI /fuse box forward and check if that plug has come from there?
(twist the 2 white latches to lower fuse box, then pull it towards you untill you can see all the connectors)

Can you confirmif all the plugs are in place?
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Fixed it Big Grin

I googled the eco mode thing, and it seemed to be related to low battery voltage. so i jump started it and everything worked.
The battery isn't flat though.. must have just got itself into a muddle and wouldn't get out of it

I added a thanks you for all the help. Much appreciated Smile
Fire bad, tree pretty
Glad you got there in the end.

Thinking about it the clues were there
Slow wipers chattering relays etc: although I would have expected ign lights to work.
I expect having the door opened while removing the hands free flattened the battery.

Eco mode kicks in after 30mins of ign on but not running to save the battery.

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