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front grill
Having got my window regulator fixed, I locked up the car and went off on holiday.  Returned yesterday to find that some little scrote has jemmied the drivers door lock, and stolen the front grill and the number plated.
The police don't want to know, but have offered me "emotional counselling" whatever that is. I said I'd rather they caught the thieves, but that met with silence.
Hover, what's puzzling me is the grill. I have a large hole in the front, which stretches under the headlamps, but the ones I've seen on ebay are only grill sized (if you see what I mean)
Is there a separate strip on the bottom?
I think I've answered my own question. Are there two short mouldings under the headlamps, separate from the grill? If so, then I need those as well.
One seller on ebay says to check the part number on my grill to be sure of getting the right one. Only trouble is, I ain't got no grill to check! Why are there so many different ones almost the same? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
I hope you found the answer just by googling for images(who doesn't like spending hours looking at pictures of Berlingos online), but yes, there are two mouldings under the headlights. These should of course be of the same colour as the grille and the rest of the car.

I'm not certain why they designed it like that, but I guess they were reusing quite a bit from earlier cars, and the chosen headlights were a bit too low to fit between the bumper and the bonnet, so they lifted them and added the mouldings.
By the time they set about to redesign the front(the facelift) they were probably running out of old stock of headlights, and decided to fit a somewhat taller set.
As far as I know they used the same grille for the entire Mk. I run. At least there's no visible difference between them.
In theory, you can drive without them as they're purely cosmetic, but it'll look kind of ugly.
I'm still using the car Gman, but I think a friend has found me a grill. Btw, does anyone realise just how easy it is to get into a mk1 berlingo? I can now do it in about thirty seconds, without doing any damage!
What's taking you so long?
All you need is a set of keys from another Mk I Berlingo, and you can get into just about all of them...
(Yeah, I've accidentally unlocked the wrong Red Berlingo once or twice... )

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