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8 seater Berlingo?!

What's going on here then? Surely an aftermarket conversion, they don't look like Citroen seats!

Shame about the short MOT though, otherwise I would be tempted...
lol, I'd be staying well clear of that!

Could be a 7 seater that's had a Frankenstein conversion but the welded brackets in the back suggest otherwise!

Chances are it won't pass an MOT now unless the additional seat belts have been fitted properly...

Then there's the conversation with the insurance company about modifications...

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Did they make any 7 seat versions then? Never seen any before.

Yes insurance and MOT would be interesting....
It looks like a 5 seater that has had additional seats added.
It even states 5seater frther down the page...

Not only can getting an MOT be expensive as all welds must be examined unless there's papers certifying the work, but...
with 8 seats, it would class as a minibus, or more properly a microbus. What does that do for insurance and taxation?
You may also need additional classes on your driver's license...

Now, safety...
Whoever sits in the rear seats if this frankencar is rear-ended is going to need hospitalisation... or worse, a wooden overcoat.
This size car is NOT suitable for 7 seats, much less 8...
And in case of fire or whatever, resulting in a need to quickly evacuate the vehicle, the ones in the rear seat is again left behind...
This car has the normal rear hatch, not the double doors, and in case of 8 seats, there's no way to open the hatch anyway, so they must evacuate through the rear passenger doors. Even if the normal passenger row folds down easily, you need to fold it completely forward to make a speedy exit possible.
Not that it's possible to do a speedy exit when sitting on those low seats...

So, an expensive deathtrap that probably hasn't been MOT approved as seen.
It's cheap enough at £400 just leave the extra row of seats out and there's no problem.
So where does this bit go then ?
You have to wonder what other crafty bodges have gone on though.
Yes, wasn't really thinking of getting it- at the very least garages don't sell cars with 1mnths MOT unless they know they next one is going to be costly!

I guess the newer model Berlin's are available with 7 seats?
(18-08-2015, 05:12 PM)minisandfords Wrote:  Yes, wasn't really thinking of getting it- at the very least garages don't sell cars with 1mnths MOT unless they know they next one is going to be costly!

I guess the newer model Berlin's are available with 7 seats?
Yes they are.I believe it's part of the 'Family'pack.
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The 7-seater's quite different though - it has a raised floor in the back, and I think the row 2 seats are a bit further forward to give a bit more space behind. The mouldings on the boot sides are different too. It's definitely not something you can bolt in.

Here's one...

I remember as a kid in the old days - we travelled sat on knees, squeezed into footwells or anywhere, and you didn't even have seatbelts in the factory-fitted back seats. But I think the road accident statistics were very bad back then.
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Doofer.We managed to survive our lack of H&S.My dad had a van that we all went on holiday in.It was all we knew so accepted it.
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