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Keypad Security starting problem
I have a 1997 1,9 diesel bought second hand about 12 years ago in the UK. The last 3 days it will not start in the morning. I thought perhaps it was a dampness problem but now realise it might be the stupid keypad security going nuts. I hate the thing. And have been told there is no way to eliminate it as it is so integrated into the car's electrics. Here's what happens:
No blinking red light on the pad....(usually it blinks when the engine is off)
Turn the key and punch in the code and the green light comes on
The engine cranks but will not start
Turn it red light at all
About 30-50 seconds later the red light comes on
Turn the key red light goes off and then back on again
Type in code and the engines cranks but will not start
After about 10 iterations it tries to catch then eventually the car starts
After it has successfully started I can turn it off and restart it during the day no problem
Next morning.....back to the grind
Also....if I turn on the key and try to crank the engine without entering the code the keypad beeps - correct behaviour

Is the keypad unit going?
Have mice chewed something and there is an intermittent short somewhere?
And most there ANY way of eliminating this "security" keypad from the equation???

My first berlingo had a keypad, it was bypassed someway though I didn't do it, it was done before I got it.

Someone mentioned that once it was keyed in then the pad disconnected that was all it needed.
I cant guarantee that was the way to do it though.
Thanks for the reply. Actually...beginning to think it may be the injectors now. I tried something new this morning....just quick tries to start....and it caught. LOTS of white smoke when trying so think that was unburnt diesel. Still...I would DEARLY love to get rid of the stupid keypad.
Lots of white smoke when trying to start usually means glow plug issues.  

They are easily checked and cheaper to cure than injectors.

looking on the internet it seems that once the engine is running after putting in the keypad numbers you then disconnect it and you wont have to put the numbers in again ,
 some answers from the internet :-    this is an easy one first start the car [it must be running ] you can then pop the keypad out of the consul then just unplug the connecter and replace keypad. You can then start the car without entering the code , IT MUST BE RUNNING BEFORE YOU DISCONECT THE KEYPAD
You can in theory unplug the keypad with the engine RUNNING & it should never ask for the code again.

You can type in the usual code then when its unarmed remove the connecting plug at the back of the pad, you'll never have to enter the code again
^^^ Is how I recently over rode the immobiliser on the boys Peugeot 306 .... it works ................

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