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Hello users

I'm new here so here goes on probably on a well worn subject...

The not-so-smart nav fitted to my new Berlingo van, with its touch sensitive screen. Well in my case the not so sensitive touch screen. Sometimes the unit reacts to a single press, sometimes it prefers 20 presses before reacting. Sometimes you press a letter and it highlights a letter near but not the one selected. Is this normal in the smart nav land?
As far as I know it's normal with the not so smart nav from Citroen.

Was in looking at a custom Dispatch earlier in the week... Looking at getting a panel van and sending it to be custom converted.

Anyway, panel vans are really cheap right now so we were looking at what was in stock and found one/some. The guy that was showing me the options said to remember they all come with SmartNav... I replied that they get really bad press on those and his reply was 'Well it comes for free with the van...'

lol, not defending it so much as saying well it's there and there's nothing we can do about it...

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I've yet to find any car with a built-in sat-nag that works properly or can be easily updated.

I have a mount which holds my Tom Tom against the dash so it is easy to reach and doesn't obstruct the windscreen, a far superior set up to a built in one.
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I use my Android mobile phone these days, clipped into a windscreen mount - it's by far the best sat nav I've ever used. I'm using the Co-Pilot app, it was under £20 with lifetime map updates. Traffic costs extra per year.

I'd recommend buying a payg mobile and Co-Pilot over any sat nav - about the same price, and you get the phone for free.

I even get voice prompts through the stereo, using Bluetooth, so there are no cables other than the charger if needed.
Yeah I'm getting the impression to use other ways to direct me. The other stupid thing was it was placed in such a position you can't open glove box with the unit on the holder. Attaching the very short power plug is another story.

I have the new dash style with a 7" touch screen where the steep usually is, it has a mirrorlink app that allows android phones to be linked to screen this so in theory you'll be able to have google maps up. Trouble is I have an iphone, any hints to get this one link or just an impossible task?

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I just use the Google Map App and look up the location and head in that direction.
Can't remember the last time I used my T**tNav and would never pay extra for a fitted one.
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