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2003 2ltr HDI
Hello just bought 2003 2ltr HDI and I'm having problems locking rear door.Central locking works on all other doors and makes the noise at the back but does not lock back door.Any ideas please and if I have put this request in wrong place please accept my apologies.

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[Image: 530931a0368d96c62ee2d08762b45a05.jpg]

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Possibly the linkage has come adrift ?
I don't know much about cars is it something I could do myself and if so any tips please .

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Not sure about that year but you would have to remove the trim inside the rear door to access the lock mechanism.
Sure someone familiar with that model will be along shortly
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Thank's Dave

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Hello jbelingo welcome to the forum the lock some time's fall apart if you take the rear panel off you will be able to see it you mite be able to put it back together but the odds you'll need to buy a new one
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Thanks Jed I will try and have a look over the weekend.

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You got lucky finding an HDi with full sunroof! Lock should be an easy fix if you can find replacement.
My rear door doesn't lock either- the lock won't turn (not sure if it's seized or just wrong key!)

Can you lock/unlock with the key? Mechanism might have come detached from the motor/lock- either way the trim panel needs to come off to look. Easy job popping panel off, just make sure you undo the nuts on both handles (the fixed one and the dangly one).

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