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[Tires & Wheels] 17 inch alloys balancing problem
Hi, has anyone had any problems with wheel balancing on B9 models with after market alloys?
I have fitted 17 inch alloys with new tyres but the tyre depot don't seem to be able to balance them correctly, I have been back 4 times and each time I get on the motorway I get vibration at 65-70 mph. I never had this problem with factory fitted 15 inch steel wheels.
Any comments most welcome.
The first thing to look at is the tyre's it's very unlikely to be the Alloy wheels did you have the tyre fitted at the tyre depot. Try swapping the wheel's around . One thing with your new Alloy's did you get spigot rings that fit on the hub to fill the gap from the centre of the wheel and the hub ??
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Hi jed thanks for your reply, I bought all 4 new tyres and they were fitted and balanced by the same garage, I also bought new wheel bolts to go with the new set up, but I have not fitted any spigot rings as was told the new alloys would fit directly onto the hub, I will check this morning to see if their is any gap. If there is a gap is it obvious ?

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do you have a locking wheel stud fitted? If you do when they balance they need to account for this - but they should know this.

the locking wheel stud will be heavier than a non locking stud so can put them out of balance one fitted.
Morning when I bought the new bolts all 16 are locking, it's just now getting to a annoying stage having been back 4 times and still not sorted, what baffles me is that they balance the wheels up, I then drive onto motorway only to find the vibration still apparent, but when I go back to garage the wheels are out of balance, their machine has been calibrated and goes down to 5 gram weights.

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We had this with a Corsa and it did need spigot rings. Jack it up and take the wheel nuts off and rest the wheel on the brake drum/disc centre and you should feel any play. Other option is to get them balanced somewhere else.
So where does this bit go then ?

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