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Fuel tank capacity
i cannot fill my B9 fuel tank more than three-quarters full. Trying to fill slowly doesn't work- it cuts off and won't take any more. Any ideas?
This may be a silly question, but you ARE poking the fuel pump nozzle fully through the DPF fluid switch plate set just inside the fuel tank filler neck aren't you? ... or else, maybe you really are filling your tank fully, but the fuel gauge is giving you a false reading. I'd check the tank sender unit for faults first.
How many litres is three quarters ?
I had a similar problem with an old Berlingo.It turned out to be the anti syphon flap in the fuel filler nozzle stuck closed.I shoved a very stiff piece of plastic tube down the filler tube and managed to break it off.Perfect ever since.
Thanks for the input chaps. To explain further; on first fill-up after getting the car it took 49 litres - the low level warning having just come on. I've 'filled up' four times since then all within about 10 miles of the low level warning. Each time the pump has cut off at approx 38 litres, As the reserve is about 8 litres and full is approx 60 shouldn't it take 14 litres more
i.e. 60 - (38+8) =14 ? After so-called filling up the gauge registers three quarters full.

I hope I'm not missing something obvious.

By the way, where did the anti-syphon flap finish up !?

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