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Hi new Berlingo owner here! Couple of quick maybe serious issues
Hi new member here. Bought a 2012 1.6 HDi last week.

77k miles and one previous owner - it's a taxi.

Firstly, is the front suspension supposed to be as bouncy? On the motorway at high speeds the front end seems to bounce up and down far more than any other car I've owned. When I push down on the front end there's loads of travel. I've never owned a Citroen before having had Skodas and the ride quality on them could be harsh so perhaps this is just Citroen suspension?

There's also a noise from the N/S front suspension like a dry ball joint or worn droplink. This car sailed the MOT + strict taxi test last week with this noise yet they didn't even mark down an advisory. 

Secondly there's a little whine when moving off from stationary before the auto box changes up to second this doesn't happen all the time but mostly when under load with passengers or going up a hill. Anything to worry about.

Otherwise really liking the car and the fuel economy is amazing.

Thanks for any input.
I've got a 64-reg XTR auto with 12k miles on it.

I haven't noticed it being particularly bouncy. So check tyre pressures first, then shocks.

The recommended tyre pressures are very high compared to normal cars. Even the main dealer I got mine new from put the "standard" 30psi in. It needs much more - check the plate inside the drivers door opening. There's a lot of variation depending on load. I just went for the max as it sometimes carries a full load, and it feels fine when not loaded - a bit over-firm but not like it's skipping about.

I don't get any whine noises, but I think there are two different Autos. Mine's the more recent ETG6 I think. Perhaps if it's the previous one it may have different traits. I think the ETG6 crawls forward in Auto mode when you do nothing with your feet and the previous one stood still, but I could be wrong on that.

I had noises from the front suspension when mine was new, but it went after a couple of months. Others here have
reported similar though, and have had bits replaced - search the forum for more info.

Enjoy looking down on those in their boring normal cars. I think Blingos are fab machines, especially for the price of a Fiesta.

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