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[Transmission] Codes
Help please!!

I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my 55 plate diesel 1.9.  The code stamped on it is 20DM46.  I ordered one with the same code from ebay but when it arrived it was the cable type, not rod.  What do the codes mean, as I have found another one on ebay with the same code which is the rod type but off a 1.6 petrol.  Will it fit??

Are the gearboxes any different on the different generations or is it the same???

Cheers.  Mike.
I didn't know there was a cable type for the berlingo  gearchange , I thought they were all linkages.    If that is what you mean.?

Is it not a BE 4/5 g/box you need.?

The code for early petrol 1.4 is MA5, so you may have been looking for the wrong coded g/box.

As for the difference between petrol and diesel gearboxes,  the gear ratios will be different and clutch housing may be different.
Not entirely sure of what gearbox I need, which is why I came on here. There seems to be more gearbox codes than there can be gearbox variations! Somebody told me I just need a box for a DW8 engine and that it doesn't particularly matter about the code but then somebody else said the code must match but I bought one with a matching code and it's the wrong type! Not sure what you mean regarding BE 4/5. I can't find a list of gearbox codes and compatible engines anywhere!
I must also add, the reason I'm looking for a gearbox is because it keeps jumping out of 5th, is this correct? I've also had problems with reverse where once the gear is selected, there is excess travel from the gear stick almost to the seatbelt buckle.
I'd look at the linkages first, they are prone to wearing, its a common problem . Search the forum . just put gearbox in the search box and press search, I did and got a lot about linkages being worn .

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