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'53 plate 1.9 egr removal?
I've done some searching and can't find anything to help me so far (apologies if this has been covered in a previous post)

Looking to remove my egr valve, or at the very least take it all apart and give it a clean and see if it's stuck open etc.

Any quick how to's? The pipe from the exhaust doesn't seem to bolt up to what I'm assuming is the egr valve but appears to be held on by a clamp kind of affair, basically I don't want to feck shite up and render my van unusable, I know they aren't quick vans but it's bogging down more and more now, and I'm getting around 35mpg, less on long motorway drivings....assuming this not to be too good?

Cheers in advance
If you have the 1.9 dw8 engine, then it doesn't really have an EGR valve, just a flap in the intake manifold. These do fail at times, and we have been known to remove the flap completely & block the vac pipe off.
Ah ok that would make sense, as there doesn't really seem to be a "removable" part as such that you could call an EGR valve - is there any means of checking it's operation? I.e. Should it be open or closed?

Any adverse affects to removing it and blanking the hot pipe from the manifold?
No, it will run fine without it, the flap is there to purge the manifold on the overrun, it just fills everything with black gunk usually.
EGR valves..............The work of the devil!!

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