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soot on turbo
just gotten a berlingo van 57000 on clock 3 yrs old it has a little soot on the turbo is this anything to worry about plus has metal plate under the engine is this normal had berlingos before didnt have that
The soot on the turbo is nothing to worry about, mine has been like that since about a yr old & its now nearly 7yrs old with 68k miles. I have asked my Cit main dealer workshop about it several times & they insist its not a problem. Mine also has metal plate under engine, XTR car.
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Can't say I agree, soot on the turbo is definitely something to worry about.
For 1 it means there are fumes under the bonnet, these can easily get into the car from here & are unpleasant if not dangerous.
Secondly it means you at least have a leaking joint on the down pipe, maybe a turbo leaking at its mid point, or in some cases a blocked DPF filter.
The only person who would say it was ok would be someone who couldn't , or couldn't be bothered to fix it.
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Hmm, plenty on google about this but no definite answers. I suppose it it is degrees of soot? Mine started off at a yr old old with a few specks of soot & now nearly 7yrs old & 70k miles there is a covering of soot on a small area on left side of turbo viewed from front of car which does suggest it is seeping out of joint betwen turbo & pipe on left side.
I had soot appear on the turbo after a refurbished one was fitted at 169,000 miles. I cured it by fitting a new exhaust manifold gasket (only £3.79 from a Citroen main dealer). It was a long winded job involving the removal of the radiator, catalytic converter and turbo, and you'll need a pretty comprehensive toolkit if you want to remove the manifold studs and nuts and re-torque them in. I did this rather tiresome job, because I didn't fancy inhaling exhaust gases all day in my work, and could not afford to pay a garage to do it for me.
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I have had soot on the turbo since month 2, that was about 10,000mls, I'm now on 102,000mls and slightly more soot on the top of the turbo, but everything is as it should be, so 92,000mls of soot on our turbo hasn't been an issue that's all in under 2 years
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Hello Peter it's nothing to worry about there is a small actuator / servo at the bottom front of the turbo to open a wast gate on the turbo to stop over boost on a cold engine you get a bit moisture and small amount soot in the actuator when it operates it get's pushed out if you get some one to rev the engine and you look at the actuator you will see it move .
The under tray is fitted to all XTR'S
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Ah yes, looking closely at mine I can see that actuator bit under the oil feed pipe so presumably it comes from there?
thanks for all the help

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