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whirring noise in engine compartment?
hi all,

i have a 2003/4 berlingo 2.0 hdi and a while ago i noticed a whirring noise that occurs after engine is switched off, sounds like a small electric motor or pump and it lasts a few mins before fading.

it continues even if battery disconnected.

i noticed it again today after it wouldn't start after i changed fuel filter.

my berlingo does not have fuel pump in tank as it has the pressure bulb near filter.

any ideas what it is?


steve g.
You've already posted this
He put this question in the wrong section ( M49 ) before and has now started a new topic in the correct area in an attempt to get a better response, hopefully.

Anyway, if it happens with the battery disconnected then it cannot be a motor or other such item. In the previous posting I suggested it might be the cooling system depressurising.
cheers geoff! i hear what you are saying, but it definitely 'wirrs' like something spinning down.

As I posted in the other thread also, it would appear to be the brake servo making the noise on my M59. Stops after a few pumps of the pedal.
Same with mine, I just guessed it was the ecu shutting down' certainly causing no trouble.
surely the ecu has no moving parts? and it wouldn't continue if battery disconnected?

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