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Gearbox rattle, sometimes...
Hello all...
 I hope I am hearing things but I have noticed twice now that there is a bearing rattle from the gearbox..
 I have fitted a new thrust bearing and fork so I am confident they are not the issue..
 I fitted new brake discs and pads the other day and when I was working on the N/S, when turning the disc / wheel I noticed a bearing rattle in the box but not sure of where, then again I was manoeuvring around a car park and there was definitely a whine with clutch up, or down, so I checked the gearbox oil and it is fully topped up so no problems there.
 Is there a common bearing failure on BE4R gearboxes ? I see on fleabay that a 5th gear set is available, is this a weak spot ?
 The van is a 1.9D and I have covered 145k miles, the engine is still sweet and I look after this van like a child, it wants for nothing..
 Any advice please...
I would change the trans oil to synthetic & see what happens.Has the oil ever been changed.These boxes suffer from condensation.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Hiya, I replaced the oil with oil from Citroen when I bought the van 62k miles ago because the garage I bought the van from said they had given the van a full service but the gear selection was rough. When I heard the new noises I checked the oil and all is good.
I changed the Cam belt because the Water pump was leaking and found the idler bearing noisy.. So that is one less noise at least..
I have also noticed the Valeo Alternator I fitted 9 months ago is also rumbling so I am keeping an eye on that too..
I thought I had a rattling from the gearbox on mine for a while. Turns out the lower back heatshield had detached itselt from most of its mountings and was making a noise similar to dying thrust bearing at lowish revals. Could be worth checking out maybe :-)

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