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Stripped Down Or Glammed Up
    How do you like your Berlingo?

This is more for the van drivers but can also be for owners of Berlingo cars.

Would you like your van stripped back to the very basics and be cheaper to buy and run..! Or do you want all the extras and the comfort and don't mind paying for the extras.

I would prefer a stripped back basic van that is cheap to buy and run, also cheap to service and maintain. Just like the old 2CV Van.

So what is your preference?
Opps..! Did I say that..! Tongue
3 digit weight, basic as it can be, less electrics on board because it's french so we all know they wont last long, robust suspension, more engine availability like 2.0 n/a and 2.0 turbo. V6 from the peugeot coupe also won't be bad. And keep the car more narrow and short, unlike the mk3 and in the future mk4 which are now starting to look like a big size van. Hex bolts all around, remove that torx garbage, fix the parts department website and make numbers cross match like BMW, telling you which number is fitted to which cars so browsing in the car morgue is piece of piss. Stop f**king around with COM2000 units and just stick to regular ECU and a simple Immobilizer (nobody is going to steal your shitty Berlingo/Partner). Dat single electric mirror doe! Make Berlingo racing series with k20 swaps and extensive roll cages, but most of all give us a rear wheel drive Berlingo. It will be van of the year, every year.
Mine has to be ( and pretty much every vehicle I have ever enjoyed both 2 and 4 plus wheels ) stripped down with no excess baggage !!! Apart from less to go wrong less weight etc and more performance .... hmm a Berlingo LOL !

When my Comms 2000 goes caput I'll fit a 1960's Tex Magna indicator switch and when the starter solenoid goes I'll fit a direct contact push button starter instead, again 1950's onwards. Same attitude to multiplex but having said that from industrial and automotive experience the chance of failure is slim and the lightweight aspect of multiplex has gotta be a winner ....... in work we had many 40 core cables running robotic machineries and the one day we had a 6 core cable doing the same job ... wow !!!

Wiring a 40 core plug takes a considerable time ( a half day if you want to " toss it off " so to speak and yet a 6 core cable is 10 minutes max .....

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