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New to berlingos and diesle
Hello folks,
Im new to berlingos Ive just picked up a 600d 1.9d W reg...It needs new rear shoes and the starter motor looking at as its very lazy..2/3 turns before she fires up...the old girl is a little smokie on start up but once she has warmed up there is no smoke...Im pretty handy with the spanners but not clued up on deisle at all...Im going to have a read through the forum to see what I can find out ref the smoke issue...I dont think the van has had a good service for many thats my starting point I think,
Just thought I would introduce myself and see what you guys thought about my actions,
Hello Steve and welcome !

The Forum is a nice place and most helpful so should sort you out and the 1.9D is a good engine, sturdy and reliable returning decent mileage, fuel and cheap running .... being handy with spanners makes it even cheaper !

Shoes will be straightforward ..... starter motor ? check all earths before spending and ensure a good battery too.

Smoke on start ? blue = oil white = diesel .... does it chug chug on first start ? if so check the valve clearances when doing the timing belt .... I'd suggest a FULL service ie oils and all belts plus water pump which will give you a solid start, don't forget fuel and air filter too.

All straightforward works and not expensive. Enjoy the ride ...........
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Hi & welcome.Give it a major service 1st,then you know it's been done.Include the trans oil as that is hardly ever changed.Check valves as they tighten up & it's a cam out job.If you don't know for certain how long the cambelt has been there,change it,tying it up with valve adj if needed.Good luck & ask here for any advice you need.
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I've crossed with Geoff there.He's SO keen Big Grin
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^^^^^ Always worth reiterating the Gospel Ron as many don't believe .... anyway I forgot to say about the gearbox oil so well done.
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Thanks for the advice chaps...The cam belt and valves I will entrust to my garage as Im not that clued up on the internals and dont wish to break things....the smoke is more white than blue I would say..not sure if I can smell unburnt fuel but there is a slight smell there...I was going to put in some injecter cleaner with a quater tank of fuel and see what the outcome over the weekend is regarding the smoke...a full service will be done either way...regarding the starter motor my intention was to remove it give the bendix a good clean and clean the earth and connections before buying new....the van isnt in use yet even though its completely road legal...Each car I have I buy a haynes manual for it...I have a nissan for the wife and a 96 Mercedes C280 for myself...I do most of the work on both myself with the help of the Haynes...however Im not sure which is the one for the berlingo as Ive seen "Partner etc" in the list...once again thanks chaps for your most welcome advice,
PS...Thanks for the welcome...
Partner is a Berlingo with a Peugeot badge on it.
If you are getting white smoke you may well have either a dodgy injector, or a dodgy glow plug. Injector cleaner may well help if you have a dirty injector- it certainly won't hurt.
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Thanks Col...Thats how I was thinking ref the injector cleaner...thanks for the heads up ref the berlingo/Partner issue...I can now buy with confidence.....Once I find my way round the van and the manual I should be ok.....but shall be asking questions also as Im new to deisle altogether and realise that its a different beast to petrol...a learning curve in my old age,
Hi Steve.Id advise you to replace all 4 glow plugs anyway,as Col suggested,they can create starting problems and smoke at start up,i change mine every 2 x years as they can degrade ,the same as spark plugs really.
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Could the slow start be down to the dodgy injector - result excessive white smoke, or rather dodgy heater plugs?

I reckon the heater plugs are shot, are you allowing them enough time to warm up before starting?

With regards to injector cleaner - BG244
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