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2.0HDI will not turnover - weird electrical stuff going on
Hi there, thanks in advance for any help.

I have a 2.0HDI that will not even attempt to start. When I turn on the ignition I get lots of weird stuff on the dash. Bings, needles jumping about etc. Sometimes the wipers move an inch or two then stop. When I try to start I get nothing at all.

I've gone through the forum and so far have checked the battery (it's fine) and I've done the BSI reset routine but it's not helped.

I've had the car since January and it's been great up until now. There were two exiting faults. The horn only works when key out and the buttons that adjust the clock don't work. I could put up with those until the next mot at least.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? Maybe even just how to get it started so that I can take it to a garage.

Many thanks
Battery flat or bad connections at terminals. Earth lead still connected to engine/chassis. ?
How have you checked the battery, A full load drop test or just a voltmeter? Turn on the lights and crank it, if the lights go out its a duff battery or connection.
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The battery is fine and I checked the earth as best I could. To cover off any battery issues I just tried jump starting it with no change. I figured that would definitively rule out battery and earth issues.
After you have done a drop test on the battery my next guess would be the starter motor as they are known to play up on the 2.0hdi's. Remove it and test it off a battery with some jump leads.
Thanks for all ideas so far.

Polar: if its starter motor I wouldn't expect to get the weird dashboard stuff happening or is that a possibility?
(21-10-2015, 05:06 PM)Solent Wrote:  How have you checked the battery, A full load drop test or just a voltmeter? Turn on the lights and crank it, if the lights go out its a duff battery or connection.

Hi Solent. I just did a volmeter check. It read 12.6. How do you do a full load drop test?

If the battery is faulty would it prevent a jump start?

Sorry for my ignorance Sad
12.6v is a bit low you are looking at 13-13.5v for a good battery.

If the starter was jammed or going down to earth it could cause the dash board problems you describe as the starter will be taking all the power.

It could also be a BSI problem but try not to go there yet until you have eliminated the simple stuff first. In the mean time check the BSI for water ingress!
Thanks all. Will have to check everything again tomorrow. Too blimin dark, can't see what I'm doing properly. Will report back.

Thanks again
As polar and brodfather have said I would suspect the battery get a load test done on it. Best place take it to your local factors you trust or garage and get them to put their meter on it. Then check cables from battery to starter and chassis and engine. Then if they check out ok look at the starter motor. Others on here have replaced the starter with an uprated one from a trader on fleabay and they say it spins the engine over faster and starts quicker. Have a look at this thread for the starter in question.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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