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Hi all,
New to the forum (hence the "hello" post in the introductions thread).
I'm here because the wife and I are considering a Berlingo multispace for her commute (30 miles each way each day including M1 J29 to J26) as well as ferrying our bike around.

Loads of questions about removing seats, reliability, what version we can get for our budget (£4k target/£5k max) and this seems like a good place to get them answered.

Most of my posts come from my smart phone so I apologise now for spelling and auto-correct mistakes and I'll do my best to use the search facility.

Hello Onza and welcome to the Forum, the Berlingo will do all that you want and more whichever version you choose.

Cannot help with seats as I have the van version but reliability is good with these vehicles, naturally there will be dogs so as always have a look around and view several vehicles before buying, checking maintenance record is definitely worthwhile / essential for oil changes ! Also get the MOT reference number on any vehicle you are interested in and then check the history online with DVLA for free.

For your budget there will be plenty to choose from and there are a lot of Berlingo's out there so no need to feel pressured into a rush buy.

The later MK 2 models are at the lower end of your budget ( nothing at all wrong with these ) and the later model naturally costs more. The later models became physically larger than the MK 2

By the way I'll be getting another one when my current one is replaced.
Thanks Geoff.

How does the naming/numbering work with these?
Am I right in thinking they changed shape in 2008 and became a bit larger? Is that know as the B9 variant or the mk3 (or both)? Or is it the van that has a mk3? Is the multispace just mk1 or mk2?

I think the seats only remove on the XTR trim level by design, the others need unbolting. Happy to be corrected on any of that though.
Hello Onzadog welcome to the forum the MK3 B9 are becoming good value within your budget VTR / XTR has more kit make sure it has a full service history and does not pull hard to the left on the test drive keep it well serviced it will serve you well take your time and you will find the right one  Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Hi Onzadog and welcome. I have owned 2 mark II, and 2 mark III Berlingo vans since 2004, and the mark III (post 2008) is definitely the one to go for. It's bigger, more fuel effficient, and just a bit more comfortable in all aspects. The Berlingo is a really tough vehicle that can handle hours and hours of driving at motorway speeds, carrying loads of people and their gear (and dogs!). Don't forget that the Peugeot Partner (or Tepee) is basically the same vehicle, just re-badged with a sister company's name.

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