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XTR ETG6 semi auto
Hello all,i came to this forum to try and get information on the ETG6 semi-auto gearbox.Having read some dreadful reviews i was after some info from owners of the EGS or the latest ETG6.The reviews i read from various car testers more or less all slated them with comments like "i was waiting for the kids to be sick" terribly jerky" and many others which almost put me off the Citroen completely.I looked at other vehicles but most were out of my budget or i just did not like the vehicle.I found little information on here which i took to be a good sign.I have never owned an automatic before and didn't really want one,but because of health reasons i didn't really have a choice. When i went to the dealer they didn't have a semi-auto for me to try.  Well i decided to take the plunge and bought a Berlingo with the ETG6 semi-auto.I picked up the car expecting the worst and was immediately pleasantly surprised  and pleased.Having owned the vehicle for a month i can honestly say those reviewers need to learn to drive because i have found the gearbox perfectly acceptable.Is it perfect,no it isn't.A lot of people complained it was slow when pulling out of junctions and couldn't make its mind up whether to select first or second gear.Having read on this forum someone complaining of this problem and someone replying "use the paddles" when i picked up the vehicle i had a roundabout to negotiate 150 yards from the dealer,when i pulled off i changed to second using the paddles and had a perfect change up to second,this is only necessary if your trying to dive into a gap otherwise its not really necessary.In all honesty if you bury the throttle on the carpet and keep it there it is jerky changing up but you can alleviate this by momentarily lifting of the throttle slightly.The down change is absolutely fine. Like most people i like to keep up with the traffic and consider my self a reasonable driver and i find this gearbox if driven in a reasonable manner is absolutely fine. If your a boy racer type of driver you wont like it.To sum up this gearbox as i stated it isn't perfect but it is certainly not as bad as the reviews i read and i am glad i bought one.
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Glad your happy with your berlingo  some people can get on with them other can't  i don't think it's down to driving ability
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Good review.Thanks.Was considering an auto myself,i think its a much better driving experiance.My Mercedes is an auto and even that can be a little jerky perhaps.I think it all depends on how you drive and what your expectation is.I think you could even badmouth a roller if your driving it incorrectly.
Good review because I am getting new xtr with automatic transmission and all reviews I read say how bad it is
And nothing good about it

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