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Berlingo panel van with ONE back door instead of 2. (pics)
Hello,  I recently came across a berlingo panel van with 1 large back door, instead of the standard 2 small back doors.  I have never seen another like it, and wanted to get your opinion on this van.  What is going on here?  Has anybody else ever seen a work truck berlingo with 1 back door?  
[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Version
20 L1 e-HDi 90 Airdream Business ETG6[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Kilométrage
7 167 Km[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Mise en circulation

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Energie

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Couleur
gris alu[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Boîte

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Puissance fiscale
5 cv[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Puissance réelle
90 cv[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]Garantie
Citroën Select 24 mois[/font]

[fon‌t='PT Sans', sans-serif]CO2 (g/km)

[Image: Tp4Wx0K.jpg?1][Image: yv35R3v.jpg?1][Image: 6TpgQuf.jpg?1][Image: fe5Tn6S.jpg?1][Image: hvlOQ5N.jpg?1][Image: TrwulxH.jpg?1]
They must be fitting taiilgates as an option? The only disadvantage is that you can't load with a forklift truck.
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Looks like a crewcab version with the rear seats removed.

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The speck vary from country to country can't say iv'e seen one like that before
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I've seen a few Mk1-2 Berlingo vans in the UK with tailgates so one can guess it is an option. One often sees Berlingo vans of all models in France with one sliding door as in pic, windows in door & opposite panel but no interior seats, it's a fairly standard format there, usually with double rear doors though. Different countries have different requirements. I guess most UK supplied vans are windowless behind driver because customers like the security. Also seen in France are Mk1-2-3 cars with double rear doors & not tailgate.
Never seen such modifications.
Configure a van on the website & tailgate is an option. Not an option in UK though.
As Ron says above, no good if you want to load a pallet with a forklift truck; so, would be no good for me in my line of work. Tailgates are only good for giving you a little protection from the rain, while you work at the back end of the van.
They make loading in the rain a lot easier. Just be on your guard shutting it as the reg plate fills up and dumps it on you if your not standing to the side.
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(09-11-2015, 09:01 PM)Hughzie Wrote:  They make loading in the rain a lot easier. Just be on your guard shutting it as the reg plate fills up and dumps it on you if your not standing to the side.

Yeah - I found this out yesterday... :-(

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