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How long to change a turbo on a 1.6
Pondering !!!!!!   .......  I've been offered a 1.6 HDi  92 in very nice condition, 70 k and '07 plate 

Amongst other things how long does it take to change a turbo ?  

The car is advertised as " turbo gone " purely because the engine makes no power ........... but there is no smoke and engine is smooth running and quiet ...... runs but is limited to 45 mph.

I'm wondering if the turbo is ok but no boost due to other reasons , solenoid valve, vacuum pipes etc.

Would 45 mph max be typical speed of no boost ?

I've not viewed it yet as not local to me but am sorely tempted as price is good and after haggling will probably be £600

I'm capable of doing most any works so not frightened off in that way.

Thoughts and advice welcomed.
The Berlingo mite be in limp mode could be a sensor not working if there's no smoke it mite not be the turbo you can check it in about ten minutes engine not running take the turbo in take pipe off stick your finger in were the the vain is there a small nut see if you can move it up or down if there some movement the turbo is on it's way out this can be poor service record wrong oil sludge in the turbo feed pipe and the pick up pipe in the sump you mite get away with just changing the turbo and feed pipe but there could be a lot more work sump off clean the sump of sludge new pick up pipe and so on think hard before you get it would your money be spent better elswhere ??
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Thanks for the reply, always tempted by a potential bargain. Will have a serious think on it.

Any further response welcomed as I'll need to advise the seller tomorrow sometime.
Hi Geoff, if it has got a blown turbo there is no need to walk away if you plan on doing the work yourself. Like has been said it is not a straightforward turbo replacement as you need to modify the turbo oil feed pipes and remove the sump, modify oil pick up strainer.

Remember turbo problems are usually linked to blowing injectors and these can be difficult to remove and reseal.
I'm afraid I've been derailed with this one as my wife has put the kibosh on the idea, says it is too far from home.

Thanks anyway for the replies so far ...... still inclined to do same with a more local vehicle so notion still valid.

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