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Lower Rocker Cover
Your thoughts Gentlemen please,
I have found that I need to replace my lower rocker cover as the bolt holes had been stripped and the upper cover wont tighten down properly, resulting in a small oil leak.My original lower cover is the liquid gasket type...but the relacement one needs a gasket, now I noticed lugs on the relacement cover that I dont recall seeing on the original (its still on the van)..I cant find anything in the Haynes regarding these being inter changable....could anyone advise me on this..My engine is a 1.9 dw8 wjy...if it is only the lugs that are an issue..could these be taken of with a grinder...being careful of course..or would it just fit ok with the gasket..I dont have the gasket as I didnt think I would need one so cant compare anything...the part was only £25 incl postage so no real loss if its a no go..I can sell it on maybe,
Steve.. Huh
If it's only stripped threads, Why not helicoil them?
[+] 1 user says Thank You to Col for this post
(01-12-2015, 03:26 PM)Col Wrote:  If it's only stripped threads, Why not helicoil them?

That was my first thought Col...but my old hands are not as steady as they were and when I priced up the kit it was about the same price as this substitute cover I have bought...the cover is immaculate all over so was very happy untill I turned it over...then my face dropped Sad ....when I take it apart permitting I will see what the score is first hand...sadley...this sub is the last one the guy had at point fretting....
The oil leak and stripped threads are now sorted...I got a new upper gasket...seated it into the groove then pressed it hard with a plastic scraper to make sure it was seated properly.I then got new bolts and bolted the upper cover down to the original lower cover...but the one that was threaded still wouldnt tighten up I got a shorter and very slightly thicker bolt and tightened it the same as the rest...put everything back together after cleaning out all the crud with Gunk...changed the fuel filter...then fired the van up....No Leaks....went for a 10 mile drive, both urban and motorway...No now I have a Lower cover with gasket...Im going to hang on to it as I may be able to use it after the valve stem oil seals etc have been done...Oh and I blanked off the EGR pipe with a 1p piece as I wasnt sure what position the "butterfly" was feeling a lot better now re oil leak,
ps...Wigan Citreon assured me that the 2 lower covers are interchangeable as the both sit on the same block

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