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pollen filter?
hi guys I   have  a 2010   berlingo 75ps 1.6hdi van filters and oil are on the way to me, I have seen a few vids on youtube regards how to replace a pollen filter, on mine is it at the back of the engine compartment top left as you look at it, under the over hang of the windscreen behind the 4 plastic studs, or is it under the footwell behind the glove box ? I have seen a fair few vids on the air filter absolute joke putting it there but there ya go, should be able to do it what do you guys think about this any help would as they say be great.
The pollen filter,s (they are a pair) are under the dashboard, up above the clutch pedal on a right hand drive car.
It is harder to change than the air filter I would say.
I am at a slight advantage , probably having done a few hundred of them altogether ?
I'm sure someone here said there is only a pollen filter if A/C is fitted. Might be worth confirming before getting stuck in.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
thanks lighty and solent, the full spec is 625 lx hdi 75, and it hasn't got aircon thank god, oh its a 2010 van so is it still under footwell drivers side ?
These pics are from a C4, but it's just the same , but doesn't have a clutch pedal on this one, the pedal is the [Image: 604977D4-D1A4-44EB-B9D5-3AAC7745D012_zps1fbjcftb.jpg]

New in place
[Image: A20EDC89-7F7F-407D-947F-E220DB15D817_zpspgcdfdc5.jpg]
Old filters

[Image: DCDD82E7-3C9B-41E5-9888-EF97DE2706FC_zpsrb2wefil.jpg]
thanks for the pics mate, what do you have to take off before you get to that stage.
Having spent yesterday changing my brake pedal, I can tell you that it's pretty easy to remove the tray above the pedals. There are three circular trim clips along the nearest edge - you need to pull up the middle rectangular part of the clip out a few mms with your fingers, then the clip just pulls out - no force at all required. After this there are three or four plastic clip tabs, then the panel pretty much falls off.

If that's where you need access to of course.

Why the heck's the glovebox so small if all the ventilation system's behind the steering wheel? On my previous car the blower was under the glovebox and the pollen filter was in front of it. But it still had a bigger glovebox than on the Berlingo. I know everything's a bit more squeezed on a van, but is there a load of fresh air behind it, just because that's where all this stuff would be on a LHD version?
thanks fellas for the help,
can someone tell me the easiest way to upload pics on to the post please.
(21-12-2015, 05:56 PM)paddywack Wrote:  can someone tell me the easiest way to upload pics on to the post please.

You need to post you photos onto a photo website like Fliker or Photobucket. Once the pics are saved to one of these places, you copy and paste the image code onto here and that's it .
Doesn't cost anything, just a bit of time to set up.

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