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noise by fan belt
hi gus I've just bought a 1.9d 2002. There is a noise coming from around the fan belt. its a sort of rough screech . I'm guessing it's a pulley,tensioner or the alternator. In fourth or 5th it almost disappears. The belt is good. Any ideas what it could be? how do I loosen the tensioner to take the belt off and have a look. thanks
Could be Water pump, Alternator, Cam belt or accessory belt tensioners. Don't ignore it, as if it's cambelt related, it could cause the belt to fail with catastrophic results. Start by removing the accesory belt and run it up to see if the noise has gone.
Accessory belt tensioner is sprung loaded. Use a spanner on the bolt and force the tensioner back against the spring until the belt can be slipped off.
Thanks col how do I get at the tensioner. I'm not a mechanic but I like to try myself.
" how do I loosen the tensioner to take the belt off and have a look " ............

The belt is drivers side so remove front wheel and the small trim on the lower RHS of the wheelarch as you face it then with vision and physical access sorted place your hand on the pulley of the alternator and finger trace the belt around all the pulleys until you find the tensioner.
There's 2 bolts on the tensioner. A normal and an Alan key. do I undo those 2 to release the tension. The pulley seems slightly wobbly on the tensioner so hoping it's just that that needs replacing. I started to undo the alla key bolt and there was a lot of pressure on it from the arm so thought I'd ask before trying it
I can't find a bolt that will pull the pulley back. Just the 2 on the arm going down from tensions pulley.
okay so I haven't got an auto tensioner I got one of these

can I just undo it all and replace it or is there a certain way to do it
1/ Locking nut on the central hole - the one you can see

2/ Locking nut on adjuster bolt on the RH end of the bracket

slacken 1 slacken 2 then unscrew the bolt on 2

Simples ........... have fun
Nice 1 just realised it goes up and down lol. read so much about auto tensioners I thought it would go anticlockwise. I've spent an hour trying to get bottom bolt out just making it tighter.
When I put the new tensioner on do I need equipment to get exact tension.i have read that belt needs to be able to just turn 1/2. is it ok to try and tighten it roughly or do I need to be exact

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