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[Engine] 03 Constant and loud clicking from unit behind battery.. And trouble starting
Afternoon all.
The saga of my wife's 1.9d 03 continues.
Ive redone the cambelt and rechecked all the locking pins fit perfectly after several revolutions of the engine. All is fine.
Rechecked various hose connections of the fuel pump and checked it was primed...
Turned key and it fired for a few seconds and conked out... Followed by a very loud clicking noise coming from just behind the battery.
Checked the prime again and then turned they key.. Lots of kicking from the advance solenoid and again from behind the battery but it wouldn't fire up.
Checked again that the primer was still solid (needed three or four pumps) and tryed again. This time no clicking from behind the battery and it fired up and ran for a few minutes before dying... Again it would still not rev but would tick over lovely.
When it died it again had a loud clicking from behind the battery.... A bit of digging and the unit involved seems to be a black unit which is connected via a red push across connector.... (It's down below the ECU but mounted the the body not the plastic battery tray).
Ive looked in the manual but I can't ID the unit... Anybody know what it is and if it might have anything to do with the engine being such a pig to get running?
Ive since tried several more times but its the same story... 
I'm still thinking air in fuel but want to know what the unit is before spending another day bleeding the system over and over and over again..
Cheers Jim
Right.. Quick call to a mate and he tells me its the joint abs/fuel pump relay.... Now.. Question is why is it clicking like a mad thing? Is it faulty or is it just showing a fault elsewhere???? Hmmm... The advance solenoid also gives a string of clicks from time to time...
Any thoughts gents?
Cheers again Jim
sorry aim out on this 1.
on second thought that relay if you shake it  can you anything in it that's lose aim asking because with mercedes  there was a issue many moons ago with bad relays they brake a tab off over time with as result electrical  gremlins  all over the car, is along shot but hey its a free 1 to try.
New battery time
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
Don't think it's the battery.. It's pretty new and was showing to be 100% chargd d and spot on condition according to my charger.

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