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[Engine] Turbo lag 2.0 Hdi
I've hardly used the car over Christmas and New Year and when we went out shopping the other day I noticed it is not picking up like it did and seems down on power and reluctant to rev. It gets a bit better as it warms up but it's not the fire breathing monster that it was. It's had EGR and injector cleaner and I'm going to look round it for split pipes or loose unions later, any recommendations where to start.
So where does this bit go then ?
I'll reply to my own thread rather than edit the first post. I just went out and had a look round the car and can see nothing wrong so I disconnected the MAF sensor just on an off chance and the revs pick up and everything hunky dory on a short run round the block and no engine light warnings. Connected it back up and it goes like a 1.9 again so MAF is faulty.
So where does this bit go then ?
Definitely the most common problem with the 2.0 hdi, make sure you purchase a good one, we usually get Siemens Vdo ones from Eurocarparts, you can't cut corners with this part I have found.

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