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My wife fancies a change from a Berlingo !!!!
Oh dear ............. some will recall me musing recently about and then deciding to get a turbo Berlingo instead of my 1.9d  ( yippee ) .... but .....

 my wife saw a Nemo Multispace at the supermarket yesterday and is now trying to get me interested ..... hmmmm ......

 I don't know much about these apart from being ugly but am willing to give the idea consideration to keep the peace ....

 So what do folks think about the Nemo then and are there good reasons to buy or avoid ???   Informed opinions welcomed.
Citroen Nemo is now discontinued as the Multispace - it was made up to about 2011 IIRC - but it is still available as a van I think. It is the same vehicle (made on same production line) as the Fiat Qubo and Peugeot Bipper Teepee (also now discontinued). So the Fiat Qubo is the only 'car' one still available new.

Not yet tried one, but am also interested as the Mk3 Berlingo seems just a tad big to replace my current Mk 2 in due course, and we have tight parking at home so the reduced turning circle is appealing.

Seen mixed reviews - there are a few not so positive ones in this forum's Nemo Corner - most seem to think a Berlingo is better value and a better drive, especially on motorways... and the Nemo motors seem to max out at 75 hp which seems like it might be a bit underpowered. But I've seen reviews being positive about it as a town runabout.

I quite like the quirky looks!
Hi Geoff.I looked at buying a Nemo but after doing a lot of homework i find a couple of problems.The Nemo is prone to flipping over due to it not having the electronic stability control,whereas the Qubo does but, the Qubo suffers with rear tyre wear due to poor build quality,it appears that the rear axle is not aligned by lazer and can wear out a pair of rear tyres in 8 - 10 k miles.In my opinion they are "cute"little vehicles but with these problems i'm staying clear.
Also note max towing weights are pretty puny for the Nemo (600kg braked, 400kg unbraked) compared to the Berlingo (1100kg braked, 500 unbraked for mine IIRC).
Thanks to all who have replied it is appreciated I've shown your comments to my wife along with internet reviews etc etc and I'm pleased to say with some measure of relief that she has returned to the fold and is now fully aligned with having another Berlingo, thank god for that ! Hopefully I'll not have to bother you all again with such nonsense ........
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No bother Geoff.Dont forget your wife is due for another beating so i think she's trying it on. Big Grin
I had a bipper as my previous van - that thing had 120,000 miles on it when i sold it last september and it is still going strong.

Things to look out for are top suspension mounts and shocks - top suspension mounts are made out of butter.

I managed just shy of 95,000 miles on my rear tyres but would go through a set of front tyres every 15,000 miles - the rears only got replaced due to the rubber degrading and the side walls cracking, otherwise still loads of tread on them.

On fuel, the Bipper pissed all over my Berlingo, I had the 1.4 8V HDi engine and would easy return 65+ Mpg on mixed driving and around 50mpg around town.

By no means is it a motorway cruiser, I put up with being cut up for 2 years with mine before it got the push, the previous 4 years were all A and B roads.

Great in the snow due to the anti stall - you would just take your foot off the clutch and let it do its thing.

It was a bit cramped for me being 6'4" but i could still drive it easily enough.

If i was you, I'd be pointing the wife towards a C3 Picasso though - same engine as the Bipper/Nemo but with better creature comforts.
2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
Thanks " Tree " I'll have a look for due diligence sake, never thought about C3 before now .....

I can see my wife's point of view - her Suzuki has zero road tax and costs £124 insurance which has to be a temptation !

As a comparison that is a combined £295 p/a less than my 1.9d and £200 p/a less than a 1.6 Hdi or the equivalent of half my monthly fuel bill paid for free................
Are your sure your wife on about the car  Dodgy Wink
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

(14-01-2016, 04:50 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  Are your sure your wife on about the car  Dodgy Wink

 You may have a point there as I'm definitely high maintenance with hobbies and she could make a huge saving !!!!!!!

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