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Large number of electrical problems with my 1.9D 03 Multispace
Hi there, this is my first time posting here but I've visited the site many times in the last month or so hoping to find answers!!!  I fear my elderly Berlingo maybe coming to the end of her useful life unless I can solve this problem...  I've just got her through an expensive MOT with my Dad replacing the brakes but the electrical problems keep on coming, horn won't work but will if my Dad wriggles a wire, the clock display randomly resets itself, door sensor no longer working, lights sometimes won't dip and indicators sometimes aren't too inclined to indicate.  All of these are not too bad BUT power steering went all stiff and I had the pump replaced but it did it again and then for no reason it was suddenly fine and has been fine since...  Lastly and potentially terminally the engine has taken to just cutting out.  It will start and stay on if idle but then just cut out completely (no sputtering or coughing) when it's going along.  It did it once a while ago and then was fine, but now it's doing it all the time and finally gave up completely so it's in the garage.  I think they're at a bit of a loss, they're talking about the Crankshaft filter but I'm convinced it's electrical because of all the other faults.  Have tried resetting the BSI.  Could it just be poor contacts somewhere?  Poor old girl, I've had her ten years and don't want to give up on her yet but can't keep spending money.  Any help very gratefully received.  Many thanks.
How's the battery.?
(11-03-2016, 06:33 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  How's the battery.?

Battery fine, was replaced for MOT
(11-03-2016, 06:35 PM)Kat Sims Wrote:  
(11-03-2016, 06:33 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  How's the battery.?

Battery fine, was replaced for MOT

Sounds like its losing battery connection.maybe bad earth ?.sounds like you need good auto electrition.
Crankshaft filter ?
Could they mean fuel filter needing changed , choked fuel filter could cause the cutting out.
Sorry, I meant the Camshaft Sensor - oops. Could this be causing the problem?
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for the steering problem,check the swivel joint on the bottom of the steering column,low down behind the engine,should be visible leaning in over drivers side wing,mines just had the same problem,very stiff/notchy for days then fine(which was when it rained),i reached in first with a can of wd just to soak it,I did it for a few mornings before starting for the day,improved immediately,then i got in with the old fashioned oil can,liberal coating of that,it's amazing now,worth checking,I had the fluid changed thinking it was that,pump was my next thought,I wish I'd heard of this 1st haha good luck
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Berlingo First,75bhp 1.6hdi,58 plate....225k and counting.
hello there 
                I have had a number of electrical problems on my 04 plate c5, 2.0l hdi, my battery was tested and found fit enough to start cars without computers , it was reading about 12.3v . I was then advised to change the battery for a new  heavy duty one , and all problems disappeared. maybe not the same , but please get battery tested and if need be change your battery, it solved all my problems  on c5 , 
by the way i now drive a 1.6l berlingo
Sounds like the comm 2000 unit is playing up for all your headlight and indicator problems. This is the control interface that the indicator, wiper and stereo stalks go into. They aren't cheap new but can usually be repaired at a very good price by a chap called Graeme Hall, he can be found on ebay offering a comm 2000 repair service based in Bradford. You can either take the car to him and he will do it while you wait or remove the unit (or your dad can) and post it to him. It's about £35 all done..

The other problem sounds like a sticking joint on the column as others have said.

As for the cutting out, a crankshaft speed sensor seems likely.

Where are you based? It would help loads if you could get it connected to a proper Lexia Citroen diagnostic system. This will tell you pretty quickly why it's cutting out. If you're anywhere near Reading I'll happily run my Lexia on it for you.

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