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12V Power to headrests
Hi all

I have a little project to add some headrest DVD players and a new head unit to my 2014 bingo.

About the DVD players, I have a couple of questions, before I go hacking away!

Firstly, is there likely to be anything under the front seats that I can splice a 12v socket on to? If not has anyone done this before? Where would be best to take it from?

Also what's the best way to take the seat cover off to get into the seat to thread wires
Etc? Is there a "knack"?

The kids will be pleased if I get this done!

There's a spare connector underneath which I'm guessing is for optional heated seats. Mine has a plugged-in airbag/weight sensor connector and another that's dangling free. You might want to check whether it's live - you might need to add a fuse somewhere to make it come on. If so then just get hold of the opposite connector, cable tie it to the seat next to the other and wire what you like to it.

Then it's just a matter of feeding a cable through. I'd bet you could tease a cable from the headrest hole down the back of the back of the seat and out of the bottom, ready to connect to your socket - it should end up completely invisible.

You only need to slide one of the front seats right back and look under the front edge to see what's there. While you're kneeling outside, not sitting on the seat.
COOL thanks, mine has the sensors in the seat too so I might be in luck! I'll check it out!
Hey doofer, finally had a chance to look. Under each seat there is a green connector with 3 wires, and a black with two.

Looking at the thickness of the cables it seems the green one is for the weight sensors. But under the drivers seat the black one goes to the seat belt clip, under the passenger seat it goes nowhere. Do you think that one is it? What did yours look like?
It sounds the same as mine. I only looked at the passenger seat on mine.

Your guess is as good as mine, unfortunately. There should be airbag connections too. It may use the seat frame as a negative, possibly - so each single wire could be one thing.

I assumed from the fact that one is disconnected that it must be an option, and heated seats is the only thing I can think of - but I don't know whether that's an option even in other countries.
The cable going to the seatbelt clip will almost certainly be your seat belt pre tensioner. I wouldn't bugger about with that unless you fancy chancing your airbag going off.

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Thanks both, I think I'll just wire it from the battery then, wouldn't want to risk that!
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Can you splice in from the 12v socket?

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Good idea, the one in the boot may be easiest

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