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I am new to this forum but have been reading the forum as a guest to gain information about these cars.
I have at the moment a Picasso 2.0hdi which due to corrosion of the sill I have let go. Painful as its got 5 good tyres fronts and spare brand new rears 7000 miles only so will these wheels fit a berlingo. Can a 2.0hdi fit a 1.6hdi? Thanks and keep up the good work .
Welcome to the forom Derek!
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Hi Derek and welcome. What size are the Picasso wheels - bore, no. of holes, offset?
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Hello Derekg welcome along to the forum. Smile
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(16-05-2016, 09:13 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  Hello Derekg welcome along to the forum. Smile

Well I got me a partner and swapped the wheels over , the battery as well . Took it for a MOT only failed on a couple of things , number plate bulb, horn and slightly over emissions. Did not think that was bad seeing the car has sat for 2 years . So will be changing the fuel filter and air filter , running some injector cleaner through. Bulb changed already . Horn needs investigation when the rain stays away for a couple of hours. Picasso will be broken and I have got myself an engine for use at a later date.
Bulb was my fault as I was so engrossed in making sure all indicator bulbs were the right colour forgot to check number plate bulbs completely and horn I did not even think about, that's the trouble when you get older LOL. Huh
When the rain stopped I was able to get out and rectify the light and changed the fuel filter also running some catacleaner through. But the horn was a little bit perplexing as to where it was, first I removed the mud guard n/side and proceeded to remove the bumper when i had a thought of removing the n/side headlight. I was able to do that because I had the mud guard out of the way and I could see up and find the bottom bolt for the h/light , once out I find the horn and lo and behold not even plugged in. So today Monday I took it for the retest and come away with a clean bill of health , no advisories. Result.
Not bad for a car which had stood in a garden for 2 years and cost me to buy £250.00.

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