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Roof rails / bars
I've seen a picture of a B9 , it appears that the roof rails had been placed in a roof bar position, is this possible with mine or am I mistaken ?

[Image: 2c29e917675d9ffad97fb7148f95273d.jpg]

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If you mean the ability to rotate from across to along the roof then I believe this is only available with the glass roof option.

Mine doesn't have the glass roof, and the rails are in the same direction as shown. If I wanted a roof rack then I'd need to buy bars that go across between them.
Hi doofer,

Yes mine has the glass roof, so it looks like I can rotate them.
They are fixed with torx type screws , anyone know what size it is ?



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I believe the tool for the roof bars is in with the wheel changing bits?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
You should save a bit of fuel if you've been whistling around with them mounted across.
Thanks Trevor,

I've located the tool and tested them.
Well happy as that's saved me the cost of roof bars which I was about buy.
Roof box next !

It's such a simple effective design. When across the vehicle the bars are fairly close together so not ideal for very long ladders but for occasional use it certainly saves the cost of a roof rack.

Along with the glass panels and storage it was the reason I wanted a Modutop.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
It's a good package, I'm taking my Berlingo to the black sea and back this year and all the storage is very useful !

(16-05-2016, 03:11 PM)Satellitemark Wrote:  Thanks Trevor,

I've located the tool and tested them.
Well happy as that's saved me the cost of roof bars which I was about buy.
Roof box next !


Hi Satellitemark, I just got a2012 Berlingo with rusting (the amount of rust says there are cavities) roof rail fixing holes. The dealer says he'll fix them next week, but some casual comments are goading me to fix it myself. 
What size are the screw threads? A 6mm bolt drops through and an 8mm is too tight so it has to be an oddball - 7mm .... ?
I've already ordered a handfull of 7mm x 20mm hexagonal bolts to plug the roof holes and later make my own rack if needed, after blasting out the rust, applying converter and sealing with the bolts and O-rings and/or nylon washers. My Berlingo came with 5 of the 6 holes plugged with feeble plastic caps that let in water and dirt. The dealer admitted its an oversight by Citroen. My friend's 2009 Berlingo had no sealing caps or plugs from new and rust has started in some holes. 
   Have others had this problem?
Hi Dave ,

I have no rust that I know of, the screws that I used the tool on fix the rails to the mounts, I've never taken the mounts off, as Ive not needed to, so I've not seen the body holes.


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