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What Fuel Consumption Reading Do You Get?
My (110PS) XTR Man + A/C has only ever shown 51.3 or 52.3 MPG, never any other number, what do other people see?
Have you reset it by holding in the stalk? Once it gets to a certain mileage it stays there.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
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Mine does 50-odd when I drive it, and 40-odd when she drives it. I think I must make her angry, the way the accelerates and brakes so much.

Yes, reset the average. There's also an instantaneous (non-averaged) number - press (without holding) the right stalk to cycle through trips 1, 2 and the non-averaged stuff.
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around town my 1.6 (75BHP) VTR gives 53 ish, i reset recently before a trip to West Wales on mainly A Roads and got a tidy 59.6 much better than my recently replaced X Picasso 2.0HDI 35ish around town.
2012 Berlingo Multispace VTR 1.6HDI White
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My 1.6 HDI 100 blue is now averaging 54 mpg @ 3,000 miles.I expect it to improve with mileage like my old 90 HDI did.
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I drive a minimum of 80 miles a day, mostly at 60-65mph and cant get better than 47mpg, real readings after calculation are around 49mpg or about 550 miles before the light comes on.
2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
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All interesting info, thanks.

(19-07-2016, 09:59 PM)Matt Haigh Wrote:  My (110PS) XTR Man + A/C has only ever shown 51.3 or 52.3 MPG, never any other number, what do other people see?
1.6 eHDi Auto 2014
My Blingo has 3 tabs. The lower one I reset every fill up, and the middle one I use for journey info. Around town I get an honest 40+ to the gallon. Motorway normally around 54 MPG crusing in 6th around 70 MPH. My engine has only covered 7000 miles, so could be a bit tight yet, but is certainly not slow.
Have fun, Richard
Also a 1.6 eHDi Auto 2014

I once got a trip average of 60 (point something) mpg on a 200 mile trip. That was using cruise control on the motorway set to 60mph without too much traffic and gentle driving. There was only me driving, but I was carrying about 300kg for half of that too.

In 2014 when I got mine, the auto had higher mpg than the manual, probably mainly because it was a 6-speed rather than the manual's 5-speed. It's probably closer now that they're both 6-speeds.
(20-07-2016, 06:39 AM)Solent Wrote:  Have you reset it by holding in the stalk? Once it gets to a certain mileage it stays there.

Nope as it's a rolling average the more miles you do the more miles you have to do to change it...

When you've done 5 miles it will change rapidly, if you've done 4000 it will take an age to change...

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