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Towbar installation epic
So my first time installing a towbar.
I've got a 1.9 diesel multispace forte 
I'm installing the Bosal towbar from PF Jones
Bosal Swan Neck Towbar Kit
I started on the driver's side and initially I found the mudguard blocked access to the mounting holes but after releasing it and partially taking it off I managed to get the bolts and sleeves inserted.
I then reattached the mudguard and put the first section of the towbar on and did the bolts up finger tight.
See attached pics.
I'm stopping for supper now but will take pictures as I do it to help others and update the thread with progress.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I forgot to mention that I also needed to use the jack to get the car up high enough that the weight was off the wheel.  This moved it down far enough to get the bolt and sleeve in.  This is needed for one each side.  The other one just needs the mudguard moving out of the way.

I cut out the slot using the pre-existing holes and got the bridging piece in.
The keener eyed among you will notice in the pictures that there is no spare tyre.
That's because I found it impossible to get the bridging piece in or do up the bolts with it in the way.

After everything in and fitted finger tight I gradually did everything up hand tight with the spanner and then took the calibrated wrench round all of them finishing them up to the correct torque.

All in all not too bad.  The electrics are tomorrows job though so that may be a bit more of a phaff.
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Yep, yhat pretty much sums up how to install a towbar. Enjoy doing the electrics tomorrow.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
ive got to wire mine next week i fitted the tow bar about a year ago. got to get it wired now as i need to be towing my boat very soon. should be easy enouth.
That's basically my point. It's all fairly easy with a calibrated torque wrench and with a Berlingo you don't even need to put it on stands.

Sadly I can't do the electrics quite yet as the PfJones kit doesn't use a bypass relay and I prefer that method so i'm waiting on that arriving.

The electrics and the associated fear of magic smoke is probably the biggest hurdle for most installers I think but it should be straight forward with good documentation.
Used PF Jones for my last 5 towbar purchase. Good price.???
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Price was ok but unfortunately they sent me the wrong extension plate so I wasn't able to mount both sockets. I'm just wiring the signals socket now.
Just searching for the elusive documentation on wiring loom, 12v supply, and whether nearside indicator is in offside loom.

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