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Live wire, internal light binnacle.
As I have 2 USB powered items,  phone Bluetooth and dash cam, near the mirror I've been thinking of mounting a double USB socket on the shelf above the internal light so I don't have to trail cables Has anyone done this and can suggest how best to access a live wire there? 

2009 Multispace.

You can't take a feed from the lights themselves, as they are a low current feed that fades on and off when the doors are opened, ignition on and off etc.

I've got exactly the same setup as you're planning - I have a crash cam next to the mirror and phone charger on the drivers' side, in the bottom corner of the windscreen.

Just use a piggy-back fuseholder in the glovebox, then wire up some USB hard-wire adaptors, adding extra wire to the 12V end if necessary. Thread the cable from the glovebox to the A-pillar (awkward), then go up the passenger side A-pillar, across the top, then your phone one can go down the driver's side A pillar. The A-pillar covers just pull off from the top downwards - there's no need to pull them out of the dash, just leave them in at the base. There are various sizes of clip-in cable guides inside it ready for you to use.

Choose an existing fuse that's either on with the ignition or on all the time, as you prefer. I forget which one I used, I think it was the one intended for phones, so it's only on with the ignition - I didn't want my cheapo camera draining the battery.

I wrapped all the cables in fabric cable loom tape to prevent rattles. Don't spiral round it, lay the tape out flat, sticky side up, lay the cable on it along its length then roll it over from the edges like a sausage roll. Just don't tape over the DC-DC convertor blocks as they'll overheat. The blocks for my two both fit inside the A-pillar trim on the passenger side.

Both cables tuck into the front edge of the headlining across the top of the windscreen. They wouldn't stay in on mine, so I just put a few dabs of hot glue on them.

It's all completely invisible and totally safe this way.
(07-09-2016, 06:16 PM)doofer Wrote:  You can't take a feed from the lights themselves, as they are a low current feed that fades on and off when the doors are opened, ignition on and off etc. 

Great reply Doofer, all the detail I need. Now I just need to find the time to do it!


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