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STOP! overheating
For just under a year now my STOP! warning light has been coming on regularly within 1 mile after starting off. This first happened when I was going down a rough track. I stopped, noticed the temperature guage was shooting up so turned off engine, and waited. I heard a bubbling in radiator and let the car cool down then restarted the engine. The temperature guage returned to normal and I drove off without any further problem.

Then a few days later it happened again, then again and again. Each time I would pull off the road, turn off the engine and wait till the temperature guage re-set before starting off again.

One day there was nowhere to pull off the road and I noticed that after a approx 15-20 seconds the guage reset itself and the STOP! light went out.

I asked my regular garage about it and they explained that it was probably just a faulty sensor and that there was no way te engine would overheat within a mile of a cold start. So now I just ignore it!

Oh, I forgot, this started after the freezing weather we had in Scotland in the 2009-10 winter, when all the electrics played up - windscreen wipers most notably which developed a life of their own. same garage told me this was the electrical plugs shrinking and expanding in the cold weather.
Not enough info about car.
1.What engine?
2. Mileage?
3. How old is car?
4. How much years ago and who replaced Glyssantin?
Berlingo Multispace; 2.0 HDi; 121,000 miles; 2003; Glyssantin - don't know

Glyssantin - it's a coolant.
If you hear bubbling from expansion chamber this means overheating or decompression of cooling system.
There can be faulty thermostat, hole in a cooling system or faulty radiator(expansion chamber) cap.
At first, try to replace cap - sparepart 1306 C7

Thanks, will try out a replacement cap.

Make sure you let us know how you get on, im curious as to the solution...
This problem described by Taynish is what has happened to me. I also taken not to stopping and simply ignore. The temp gauge goes up to max accompanied by the stop light then goes right back to zero as its usually when I've only driven a mile then stabilises where it should be and the stop light goes out. First time it happened I was on my way to the annual service/MOT. The garage checked the fault codes and couldn't find anything. In my opinion its suggesting temperature sensor on its way out or some dodgy wiring. I can't find it so will probably get hold of a Haynes manual and see if its easy or if I need to use ramps, remove lots of gubbins and the skin off my knuckles.
hi,i had this problem,sometimes the gauge and stop light were on as soon as the ignition was turned on even when cold.changed the temperature sensor and all was normal easy fix.:wave:

Just my 2pence worth. Smile
If there are physical symptoms of over-heating e.g. bubbling noises in the cooling system, then it's not likely to be a sensor which is generally a passive device. The first thing I would change would be the thermostat followed closely by the expansion cap.
This of course assumes that the coolant level is correct in the first place.
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