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How to disable central door locking? Fuse? Which one?

I have inherited a 2002 Citroen Berlingo Multispace HDi van. I am uncertain of the exact model other than what's written on the outside of the van. I have been told it has a 2.0l engine.

For a few years now the locks on the van have behaved erratically. The key fob has been damaged and so it is not possible to lock or unlock the van with this. When manually turning the key in the lock, this sometimes activates (locks/unlocks) all the other door locks. When attempting to lock the van, I can go around it several times, with all locks reopening when I lock a door. Usually I circle the van two or three times before it's all locked, but then as I walk away, sometimes all the locks click open. Sometimes I successfully lock the van and then return hours later to find it unlocked, sometimes still locked.

I suspected the damaged key fob might be causing this erratic behaiour, so I drove for a while using the alternate key which does not have the locking buttons. Still the same behaviour, so the damaged key is not the issue.

At this stage, I'm quite happy to have a van that I have to manually lock, and so would simply like to completely disable the power locks. I thought I could achieve this by removing the fuse. However I have been unable to find a diagram that works with my specific fuse box. I got the idea that the fuse would be 30A and tried removing those but found those were not the correct fuses.

I attach a photo of the fuse box from under the rhs of the steering wheel. I would be most grateful for a diagram that details what the fuses are for so that I can depower the locks. Alternatively, if anyone can tell me how I might either stop the erratic locking behaviour, or another method to disable the power locks, that would be most appreciated.


Have u checked all fuses?,looking at it the 5amp fuse on the bottom left,looks blown? The one next to sh fuse
(19-09-2016, 01:21 PM)Johny555 Wrote:  Have u checked all fuses?,looking at it the 5amp fuse on the bottom left,looks blown? The one next to sh fuse

Johny, yes, all the fuses are good including the 5amp one you spotted - just a problem with the photo.

Does anyone have any idea how I can find a diagram of this fuse box? Or a strategy for how I might be able to determine which powers the locks? Or could I shut down the entire electric system when I leave the car?
I'd have thought removing the door cards and locating the locking solenoid's,then unplug them to make sure it will do as you expect haha, it is french after all,you may find that it's aftermarket stuff when you get too it,mines a 58 plate van but didn't have central locking so I had it fitted later,but mine all comes from the immobiliser gubbins box that he installed,it says in the instructions that you can unplug the solenoids if a problem occurs,may be worth a look,good luck :-). Ian.
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Berlingo First,75bhp 1.6hdi,58 plate....215k and counting.

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