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Eco activated but engine stays running

Bought 62 plate multispace at the end of aug
The stop start eco worked all the time. Lately it only kicks in randomly. Maybe 3rd journey of the day.
Today not at all. The green eco symbol flashes when i press the brake but it doesn't cut the engine

Any ideas or experience with this?


Mine's currently the same too, and will be looked at by the Citroen dealer when it goes for its service on its 2nd birthday...

I've got a feeling it's temperature-related on mine at least, but I could be completely wrong. Mine does stop if it's had a run then sat still for a few minutes - presumably when it's got warm after not having any air blown through it. It also stopped OK the other day when I was queueing in traffic, which supports my theory.

My thinking is that the thermostat's stuck partly open, so the warm water's going through the radiator all the time, whether it needs cooling or not. So if it's moving it will always be too cold due to the road speed airflow into the front, so it correctly decides not to stop. Normally, the thermostat should stay closed to keep the heat within the engine if it's not up to operating temperature, only opening once it's hot.

Is your temperature gauge below 90 (horizontal)? Mine is, by about 3-4mm and never gets any higher. I know this isn't an accurate measurement, but it's a hint that this could be the problem. My OBD system's on the way from China, so I can't check it accurately for myself until this arrives.

I'll update the other thread when I find out more after it goes in on the 31st of October.

Oh - welcome, by the way!
We find generally that the battery is knackered, hence stopping it from kicking in. They use a gel type battery, and only seem to last about 3 years.
Try charging it from a quality charger overnight, bet it will work fine after, or get the battery checked by someone with a decent battery tester.
[+] 1 user says Thank You to Lighty for this post
Yes the temp is always below 90.
I'll try charging the battery. But we just came back from a long trip to Ireland so the battery should be charged well
Thanks for the replies. I have an obd I'll connect tomorrow
Crikey - a dead battery in 2 years would be terrible. No problem this time around, as it's under warranty. But the next time it would be my problem. Is it possible to replace it with a conventional one? Most decent batteries have a five-year warranty.

I'm still thinking temperature though, given the behaviour I've seen. On the other hand, warmth under the bonnet might give a half-dead battery a bit more voltage, so would give the same sort of results.
Ok i put on obd thr voltage driving os 14.7 . With eco on it drops to 13 when i stop and the eco tries but fails to lickin. I drove for a while with eco deactivated and then put it on and it worked for about 3 stops. So it seems it is a battery charge issue
(19-10-2016, 03:05 PM)Royberlingo2012 Wrote:  Ok i put on obd thr voltage driving os 14.7 . With eco on it drops to 13 when i stop and the eco tries but fails to lickin. I drove for a while with eco deactivated and then put it on and it worked for about 3 stops. So it seems it is a battery charge issue

First go with different battery like member Lighty suggested.

My bet is on alternator. IMHO one of 9 diodes are burned out...

If you don't have different battery you can check your battery health
with 55W bulb and mulimetar by measuring internal battery resistance.
It is a pretty descent way of knowing that your battery needs replacing.

If you need the procedure shout...

Best regards,
brajomobil Light
Wouldn't 13V be about right for the engine ticking over? - depending on what's switched on of course, e.g. lights, heated screen etc.

There's also a supercapacitor (they call it an "e-booster") - it uses both it and the battery together to restart. I don't know whether you could view its voltage via OBD.

Some info on the microhybrid system...

A bit of a half-guess, but I reckon the e-booster are normally charged in parallel. When it wants to restart, it connects the two in series, to give 24V, and connects this to the alternator, making it work like a motor and spin up the engine. If it doesn't see 12V on each of them then it won't stop, as it knows it doesn't have the juice to restart.

But there are also other factors too - I'm pretty sure that temperature is one of them.
I think you are right Doofer.

I charged the battery overnight, it didnt make a difference

What did make a difference, is I was driving around for ages in Birmingham/Dudley etc lots and lots of stop starts, but I made sure the ECO was deactivated, then I turned it back on and it worked for about 3 stops then it went back to not turning off the engine again.

A long 180 mile drive just before that had no effect either.

So it must be the e-booster not charging as you say

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