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cruise control
this is my first experience of forum use, so bear with me. I need to tap your brain power on the subject of retro fitting cruise control to an 07 Berlingo. Ihave been told its as simple as fitting the control stalk, modifying the ecu and bsi settingsand that's it basically. Can anyone enlighten me? Many thanks.
Had a look over on the German forum ( and people report that some dealers won't do it and a number of folks had the cruise control installed by their dealer for around €130. No reports of a DIY job though.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
At M59 Berlingo it's possible to install cruise control, but car must be equipped with:
1. ABS(for diesel engines)
2. Clutch sensor.
3. Cruise control arm (sparepart 6242 Z8 or 6242 Z9).
4. BSI of 2nd or 3rd type and of course compatible BSM.
Thanks 3renho and pk7478. I will check German forum. I have control stalk (£47) fitted and sons diagnostic software sees it but cc still not working. The problem may be a lack of clutch switch as the diagnostic software says 'clutch pressed' no matter what state clutch pedal. pk7478 what does M59 berlingo refer to?
Hi dgc, from an earlier post on the forum, the M59 refers to the MK2 model of your Berlingo. (Berlingos from 02-08) The new Berl is B9, and the first is M49.
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I need VIN of your car to tell you what sparepart you need.
What version of Lexia software do you use and what adapter do you use(lexia2 or lexia3)?
Later I'll publish documentation about what is M49, M59 and B9.
Below you can find useful information and diagrams for CC installation:

[Image: 001qko.jpg]

URL=][Image: 002fg.jpg][/URL]

URL=][Image: 003nz.jpg][/URL]

[Image: 004qlt.jpg]

[Image: 005hjd.jpg]

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Wow pk7478 you da man. You've got some great info.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Thanks for the information.The number you require VF7 GB9HXC 94309993. Software is Lexia 3 and adaptor is PSA XS Evolution AC965250.
VIN is incorrect
Upper mentioned diagram may be not correct because you have B9. Those diagrams is for M59.
Clutch sensor you can test via Lexia, somewhere in ECU diagnostics (don't remember where exactly).
Thanks for your effort and all the information. The vin I got from documents yesterday i checked with the plate on the van today and they match. Its a Mk2 first reg. Feb 07 can't explain numbers.

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