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XTR Just Purchased New on Impulse
Hello all - have just got back from local Citroen dealer after just purchasing a new HDi 90 XTR with tow bar to be fitted.

Only went to have a quick look with the wife and then planned to look at other similar types from other manufacturers as well as other cars but ended up buying one on impulse - not actually seen the model i've bought in the flesh yet so to speak, nor ever driven one, so hoping they are OK. Currently driving Fiat punto's and an old Mazda 323F.

Bought it due to birth of New grandchild so wanted something a bit more spacious. Hoping to get delivery in a couple of weeks.

Would be really grateful if any of you owners out there can express an opinion of how you found yours to be in terms of safety, reliability, practicality, economy etc and what if any problems i should be aware of - i suppose just to reassure me that the car is a sound product.

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I dont think you will be at all dissapointed.
Saftey..high seating position good all round vision, good brakes.
Reliability .. my Mk2 has not let me down once in 8.5 years
Practically .. what can beat it? We have just returned from a Christmas trip to Edinburgh then round Yorkshire on the return. My wife packs more stuff into the car than they took to conquer Everest, "just in case" Smile
Economy .. managed 47.6 on that 916 mile trip, and mine is the 2.0HDI so not quite as economical as yours.
Problems .. I have been lucky and had none.
I am just waiting to see what if any new 'offers' Citroen are planning before odering a new XTR
I wish you many miles of happy motoring with your new XTR.
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Thanks - hope that's the general consensus.
Sure you will be pleasantly surprised by comfort and practicality, sliding rear doors great for access with kids etc. Plenty of room in boot, XTR has a handy mirror to keep eyes on rear seat area for safety reasons.Enjoy.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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you will I am sure be more than pleased. Fantastic mutipurpose car,/van. nearly 50 to the gallon, loads of room. Just keep an eye on rattles/knocks from front suspension. [ see other suspension posts] only seems to be some models. Let us see a piccy when you get it.
E N JO Y ....
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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Had my XTR since May 2010 and love it.
Seats and seating position is very good and visibility also good,except for trying to look through rear passenger window as the front passenger headrest combined with the thick 'B' pillar makes it very difficult.

Fuel consumption is good (mine is also the 90HDi) but to be honest I don't check it that often,if it needs filling,it needs filling.

Practicality?,well,it's the most practical car I've ever owned,it's extremely versatile especially with the three seperate rear seats that are standard with the XTR,the boot is huge,but take the rear seats out and it's simply cavernous!

Ride comfort is very good too,and it holds the road very well,but being a large slab sided vehicle it does suffer from crosswinds a bit.

As for reliability,well I haven't had any problems so far.
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
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Congratulations on your new Blingo! As Pete says, keep an ear open for the knocks from the front suspension.
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As has been said above, you will be pleasantly surprised; everybody else is(!).

Did you purchase at the Wigan Pier dealership? The Citroen range look especially fantastic in that one for some reason...
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(05-01-2012, 07:16 PM)Andre Wrote:  As has been said above, you will be pleasantly surprised; everybody else is(!).

Did you purchase at the Wigan Pier dealership? The Citroen range look especially fantastic in that one for some reason...

Hi yes did purchase it from the Wigan Pier dealership - awaiting notification of when i can collect - will keep you all posted as to progress etc.
If your as pleased with it as I am with ours you'll be one happy chappy. That said just be aware that the two traits of the MKIII that really get up my hooter are:-
a) all the lectrics switch off if you're parked up more more than 30 minutes - no radio, no internal lights, no nothing....
b) getting the spare wheel out can be a bit of a tussle and certainly not girlie friendly especially on the models with 16" wheels when the vehicle is loaded. Like snowchains it's best to have a practice before you have to. I suspect Mrs B on her own would be straight on the blower for the RAC to come out and do it for her......
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