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Blow Heater Fuses
I really dont know whats wrong with it , it has a mind of its own :twisted: when ever you start the car and turn the knob round to 4 it doesnt come on , then if you leave it after a while when the van is running it starts and i can turn the knob to 0 then 4 and so forth it works ok but when i switch off the ignition and switch back on again it dont work , im hoping it might be the fuse or lose wiring somewhere . Confusedcratch:

Cheers guys
Hi Guys ,I took van to mechanics to get brakes check out for retest PSV , I had asked him to check the blow heater he told me to to hit the heater a couple of thumps and it will come on and so it did , but everytime i switch of ignition and switch back on the heater stop working again ,and again I hit it a couple of thumps:brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall: as you do and it came on again , would it be a lose connection in the heater and is it easy to strip back the heater to check wires ???

It could be the resistors in the blower unit which is under the passenger side dash, in the footwell. They control the speed setting of the blower.

Mine went and you can either buy a new resistor pack or for a few quid solder in some new replacement resistors.

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thanks tucker for the info I will have a look at it this week end , can you tell me were in the blower do i find these resistors .
I accessed it via the Haynes manual and google.

Have a look at the link below as this tells you exactly how to replace them, assuming that is the issue in question... normally when they fail the heater works at just one speed, but certainly couldn't rule this out:

How to..

I bought two new resistors of ebay with the nuts and bolts and heat paste in a repair pack for about £12 or something like that.
Something like this is a straight swap and easier than repairing your own resistor pack:

Nice one Tucker - the fan in my Berlingo only blows on 4, so hoping I might be able to resolve the issue with some new resistors! :-)
(24-01-2012, 06:50 PM)zedhead Wrote:  Nice one Tucker - the fan in my Berlingo only blows on 4, so hoping I might be able to resolve the issue with some new resistors! :-)

If the heater only blows on four this is the heater blower resistor pack. Is a slot in unit located above passenger footwell...... search previous posts has been mentioned before and is a quick fix, about £20...
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I see that my heater motor was sticking ,my hand was getting bruises hitting it all the time so i took a mallet and hit it a few taps (Lightly) im usually heavy handed lol , an it seems to work ok since then if it goes again ill try and get a second hand heater motor .

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