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lights getting brighter
Big Grinhi guys ive got a 04 van 1.9,on thye way home tonight the head lights started to get bright thyen go dim then be ok again then the cycle happens all over again.the speedo was going nuts 10mph to 45mph even though i was going 65mph i had no radio or fuel guage or temp gauge the rev counter was going from 50 revs to 900 revs aswell. the engine was reving then dying for a split second,i rang the garage and said my van was possessed .lol.every thing else was ok wipers/windows /lock button. the garage recons its the altanater sounds wrong to me it was chargeing 11.77v at the battery what do you guys thinkSad
A good alternator should be putting out 14v at the battery, would be a good place to start checking security of wiring and earths.
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not had any faults up to yet one thing that struck me was it fired up straight away first crack of the key usally it takes about 3/4 seconds o cold cranking
Sounds like the alternator to me mate..
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Sounds like the voltage regulator which I think may be built into the alternator depending on the age of your vehicle. This is potentially a dangerous thing to have happen as over-voltage can totally screw the ECU. You don't want to know how much an ECU costs!
I would get it checked before you use it again.
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it was the alenator i had i new one fitted £145 + £60 fitting, thats was the only thing to go wrong in 18,000 miles. this week headlight has blown?.rear door woudnt open the little blue pin that connects to the rear door handle has brocken so i had to zip-tie it blue smoke when starting(never done that before)?clutch slippingwhen cold?:brickwall:

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